Around the World with Saturday Morning Blogroll

WordPress could easily have called itself Worldpress — it has a strong international presence and a lot of wonderful-looking blogs from around the world. These days, when Americans should be doing their utmost to reach outward to the rest of the world, worldpress blogs make that easier: 

Waking up Twice. This blog is written by a talented Indian photographer and writer. I like the text, and the photos.  Some, especially recent ones, are very strong stuff.  But important. 

Alternatives à Paris. I don't understand a word of this blog. I love it anyway. As I clicked through it, I tried to guess what the author could possibly have been talking about. And then I got carried away making up ridiculous captions for the photos. I think it is the blog of very earnest, very creative, political French people who are brewing up some kind of revolution, in which they protest things they don't like while posing as clowns. (there is a category called "clowns.") Plus, there are pictures of Parisian street life — what's not to like about that?


3 thoughts on “Around the World with Saturday Morning Blogroll

  1. there. fixed. I hope. The people in clown suits can be seen by clicking on the link under Saturday Morning Blogroll to the right of the post. Thanks for doing quality control Sue!

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