Lemon Drops

There's no guarantee, but I think this is my last post for a while about lemons.

My parting thought is this: the lemon is an ideal partner with other liquids. Here is a link to a recipe for that terrific June weekend drink: the Lemon Drop. If Lemon Drops are not your cup of tea, I mean, not your drink of choice, there are a lot of other possibilities on this site. And if you are into fire, there is a fine recipe here for Flaming Lemon Drops.

One other handy thing about this site — say you've decided to offer Lemon Drops to a group of 206,000 WordPress bloggers, and the only thing holding you back is an inability to multiply numbers that large. Drinksmixer.com will help you figure out how to serve the first 99,000 bloggers, with their handy loaves and fishes drinks multiplier feature. To save you the trouble of doing that, I will just tell you that Lemon Drops for 99,000 involve: 499 ounces of lemon juice, 499 ounces of vodka and 999 lemon cubes. Multiply this number by two and you'll be pretty certain to have enough for the crowd converging on your house today. For those who do not care for vodka, sparkling water is a more than adequate substitute for vodka and in fact, makes for a very refreshing lemon drink. You will also need several smallish childrens' wading pools to mix the Lemon Drops in. If you have gotten this far, you will find this last requirement simply adds to the general air of festivity in your back yard this lovely June day.


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