Along the Way

Saturday Morning Blogroll is up at BestBlog.  

On my way to Robo, the Iranian site featured on that post, I found a few other interesting things.  Here they are:

Silent Seas. An American living in Tokyo. Very fun, very nicely written, frequently updated.

RSVP. I don't know much about gaming. But anyone who names their gaming site "RSVP" — respondez, s'il vous PLAY gets my vote.   It's well written too. 

Turquoisebleue and Figaro.  Put together a French speaker, a camera, a computer and WordPress and you get lots of good French photo blogs, like these two.


6 thoughts on “Along the Way

  1. bl

    saturday morning blogroll needs tech update. Links do not work. Frustratrated afficionado. ( I will not spell check my writng just to use words in common usage)

    Complete digression for bl readers. If you are the sort of blogger I am, i.e. books are preferred over all forms of communication/enlightenment/pleasure, I nonetheless heartily recommend Garrison Keillors / robert Altman’s movie Prairie Home Companion. It made a rainy New England overcast late spring afternoon dazzle.

  2. Here I am, nattering on about spell checking, and just look at the state of my links! Good heavens. Thanks for checking it out, Wey. Links are fixed. Go back and enjoy! (I know you’ve got at least half a glass of wine left!) –Bl

  3. So far, the pictures in Tourquoisebleue are the most beautiful I have ever seen of nature. Period. Lily Purple is one of my favorites. Smokey

  4. Hey, Wey, your link in the comments doesn’t go to a valid URI. 🙂

    Thanks for the movie recommendation.

    bl – the turquoisebleue site uses flickr, so I’ll probably add them to my favorites there.

  5. Sue,

    Wey’s IT team takes the weekend off so he’ll have to wait until Monday to fix his link! (He’s got a corps of Dartmouth students who show up at his house for good food, good talk, and occasional tech help when his smart son isn’t around to fill in.)

    I liked turquoisebleue too. But I will always like you the best.

    Love, L

  6. I had a very busy weekend taking pictures. No window shots, but I do have a few in my archives from your house in October 2003.

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