Lobster Bake Casual

That's what it says on the schedule for my husband's 25th college reunion in Hanover, New Hampshire, which is where I am today, and will be for a few more days. I imagine that means you should be wearing shoes with no socks. And a bib. I suppose some people will know immediately what the rest of their outfit for the Class of '81 Lobster Bake should look like.

I am not one of those people. I am not from New England, where Lobster Bake events are, apparently, so common people know instinctively what to wear to them. But I love it when we visit: I like how much closer it feels to the Real England (in California, the oldest houses were built in the mid 1800s, unless you count the missions; in New England, at least a century earlier.) I also like how the weather counts — every day it actually DOES something. Last night, for example, it rained for a long time and we lay in bed and listened, happily experiencing the primal comfort of being inside and warm and protected.

If my biggest problem today is that I have to figure out what lobster bake casual looks like, then I'm in pretty good shape.

Tomorrow, we're going to a town that features a store with the world's longest candy counter, and the world's largest collection of penny candy. There's no dress code for that event. We just have to bring pennies.


5 thoughts on “Lobster Bake Casual

  1. You just dress California Casual and be done with it.
    I hope it’s a fun time. I’ll bet the lobster will be good.

  2. Flip flops or Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Brand new Dartmouth t-shirt. A toy pistol. Baggy pants. (These are the boys’ suggestions when I asked them what to wear.)

  3. Yes, well, if I’d known in advance, I would have packed mine. I’ll have to make do with red lipstick and red sandals, in honor of our lobster friends.

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