In honor of …

the Summer of the Meyer Lemon, a new look for BlogLily. 

And a link to our favorite new summer drink:  FizzyLizzy.

This stuff is 70% juice — I like that. But I must warn you that this link takes you to a little bubbly introduction, but that doesn't make these drinks any less dixielish, as my friend Debby would say. There's another drink sort of like this called something like Fizze, but I couldn't find it when I looked on the web. Maybe it's the west coast version of the FizzyLizzy, the way you get Hellman's Mayo east of the Mississippi and Best Foods Mayo west of it, but they're still the same mayo.


6 thoughts on “In honor of …

  1. And yes, I know the picture is tiling — but beyond knowing that’s what it’s called, I’m not yet sure how to get it to do anything else. Still, you can tell it’s a lemon.

  2. Have you tried any of the themes that allow customisation of the header image, for eg. Connections? They have a cropping tool that allows you to choose a smaller part of a larger image for your header and perhaps would eliminate the tiling. That is, if you wish to eliminate the tiling.

  3. Looks good (the lemon seems to have retreated completely).

    I’ve been lurking quietly in the background, hope you don’t mind. Cheers, K

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