No Food is Good Food

When it's airline food anyway.

Jet Blue, the airline that took me (and my three hungry children) from Oakland to Boston last week, doesn't serve meals.  And we didn't miss the food one bit. 

 Instead, we packed:

  • a baguette from Acme Bread in Berkeley
  • thinly sliced ham
  • St. Andre and Petit Basque cheese
  • nicoise and kalamata olives
  • blueberries and white peaches
  • sea salt and vinegar chips
  • for the lox lovers — bagels w/lox cream cheese & cucumber
  • hummus, cucumber and carrots
  • a lot of nice Ikea paper napkins (they were green and blue plaid) and a few blue linen placemats
  • straws (children love straws)
  • a few pieces of gum for when you're taking off and landing.

Everybody got to order whatever drink they wanted.  I packed the meat, cheese & hummus in a children's lunch box with a cold pack.  Everything else went in a very stylish, lime green canvas bag that's made in Germany and looks like it should be carried by someone far cooler than I.  It was fabulous.  The whole thing. (And thanks to sourpatch for talking about airline food today and getting me thinking about this subject.) 

One final thing: somebody needs to start a blog devoted entirely to meals like this — packed meals, in bento boxes, tiffin tins, lunch boxes.  Every culture packs meals.  I'd love to know what that looks like. 

(Okay, since nobody's jumped up and volunteered to fill this important need, I've decided to do it myself. This is, after all, my own peculiar obsession. It's called The Tiffin Tin.  I figure at least one of my passions (this probably isn't an official synonym for obsession, but it's close) should have a home of its own.) 


5 thoughts on “No Food is Good Food

  1. Hmmm.. interesting obsession. 🙂

    I pack a lunch when I go to Rebecca’s house, using a kid’s lunchbox. Not quite the same thing.

    Interesting items you packed for the plane.

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