On the Way to Work

Asian Art Museum
I pass this guy every morning on my way to work. He stands along the side of the Asian Art Museum in the Civic Center, saying something about age and change, if I took the time to think about it.

This lovely museum is across the street from the office where I spend my days. I can't believe I ever complain about having to commute to work.


7 thoughts on “On the Way to Work

  1. The "dude" is "Ashurbanipal" (sometimes referred to as Assurbanipal or Sardanapal)–probably there (in statute form) because he formed the first real library of the world. One of the few kings in antiquity who could read or write. Even mentioned in the Bible. You can catch his story on the Discovery channel (if you have no love life, are bored and home bound )…This guy should be on your "get to know list", Sis…you see him every day…. (Ain't Goggle Great)

  2. Ok–can you tell I'm at the office and spelling challenged? I guess the guy could be in "statute" form–…perhaps not cited all that often…

  3. For some reason WordPress swallowed up my comment..

    Tom – cool information. I don’t watch a lot of Discovery channel. I’ll have to see if the episode is coming on again and Tivo it.

    BL – I decided to start using my WordPress account. 🙂 It’s your fault.

    Not sure how to put in a link here..

    Shecodes on WordPress

  4. Do you remember that movie about a private boys’ school, where Robin Williams was their teacher, and one of the big things he teaches them is that writing is the key to surviving through time — he uses Ashurbanipal as his example of how that works. And Tom, you’re totally right — the Asian Art Museum used to be the main San Francisco library. The new library is directly across the street from the Asian — and guess what? That’s what Ashurbanipal is looking at.

    By the way, somewhere on this blog, I mentioned, as one of my biggest mistakes, the fact that I never let you help me in Physics because I hated having a sibling who knew more than I did. Today, many years later, I apologize for being such a git.

  5. Sis, not to worry…Turns out you did just fine in Physics without my help……not sure I know more…and "trivia" (look up the meaning or root of the word) is a "lesser" form of knowledge…and a simple ablility to enlarge a photo, get the dude's name, look him on Goggle and remember a Discovery channel show doesn't rank high in the world of "smarts." My greastest gift in life comes from being the son of a used car salesman (with brains) and having brothers and sisters that could run circles around me in school…Somewhere along the way you realize you come from good genes……and know that most of what counts in life comes from the heart.

  6. I fondly remember my Physics class — I met David Coleman there. He was my lab partner. I ended up marrying his brother and had 4 kids from him.

    I was also the only girl in the class. Midway through the class my teacher decided he was bored with teaching physics. We did electronics instead. Nothing I ever used in "real life".

    Dad has had so many careers, but the used car salesman is the one I most identify him with.

    But don't forget Mom. She is an even better salesperson than Dad is. She can get us to do almost anything.

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