My (Virtual) Friends Friday

In the last week, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about people I’ve never even seen in the flesh. But their voices are so clear that they seem almost to have a physical presence in my world.

Although it’s almost the end of Friday here in California, I figure it’s not too late to get in a My Friend Friday post. Today, my friends Friday are those virtual friends who’ve been so kind to me this week — either by something they’ve said here, or just by virtue of the interesting, thought provoking, amusing and amazing things they’ve posted on their blogs. Here they are:

A former journalist who writes with real skill about music, languages, British Columbia; an academic whose love for books is inspiring; writers (working on decluttering), writers (working to a distraction), writers who are also tea drinkers, writers from the southern hemisphere, from Japan. Did I mention writers? Web spinners, poets, haiku experts, and people who love poetry. Cooks, foodies, and the uncategorizable but wonderful No Shower Girls. Gardeners, inadvertent though they may be. People who make you laugh and make you think. Magicians with cameras from Missouri, from India, from the Hebrides, from my own back yard, and from France. Women and men whose voices are so funny and real and interesting, it comes as a shock to learn that English isn’t their mother tongue. (Can you imagine what they must be like in their native tongue?!)

And this — believe it or not — only scratches the surface. I don’t know how I managed to stumble into all this richness but I am terribly grateful it’s happened.

Cheers to my virtual friends Friday, BL


8 thoughts on “My (Virtual) Friends Friday

  1. And cheers to you, bloglily. Your presence here has made my blog experience really positive, and you do that for so many others… Good on ya!

  2. Many thanks for the kind reference. I love the way your blog is a celebration of all the things you enjoy. What grabbed me at first was the food photos! And then once I got reading, I liked the things you said about writing, reading, parenting and cooking – all preoccupations of my own.

  3. I’ve thought a bit about this: I really like the tone of your posts. And now I hope this comes across correctly. Of course I like the subjects as well, and the style. But the tone was what made me come back after the first visit.

  4. Bloglily I feel honoured to be on this list. And I enjoy reading your blog. I am not at all a cooking and recipe person, but I love the pictures of the old recipes that you have rescued. And apart from that, it is obvious that you love life, and it is a joy to find that back in your writing. Love your posts about writing too. Cheers back to you.

  5. I, too, am honored to be included on the list. Your posts are so inspiring—a visit here always gets me thinking and makes me smile. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. I’m so touched to be on here. And it’s true, I do count you as my virtual friend. It’s funny, isn’t it, to feel so close to someone just through their words, but it’s the very best bit about blogging for me. Here’s thinking of you, sweetie!

  7. I also feel honoured to be included. Generosity and joy and love (all of which are apparent in your words) are always returned to those who give them. I believe it’s no accident that you “stumbled into this richness”. Cheers to you, Bloglily.

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