Tiffin Sex Tonight and Other Matters

“Tiffin sex tonight” — That’s what someone actually typed into a search engine — and, poor thing, found my blog instead of, well, something more to their liking. Sorry about that.

Other matters: Saturday Morning Blogroll is up at bestblog.

And if you’re interested in how things are going with the (she coughs) breast thing, you can click on the page called “How It’s Going.” As I typed my first entry, I wondered how many people knowingly use the word “abreast” when keeping their friends and family apprised of their treatment for breast cancer.  Probably only the person who typed in “tiffin sex tonight.”

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Tiffin Sex Tonight and Other Matters

  1. BL
    do your stats skew upward significantly when sex is tagged to the post in some way? I know mine do. I am thinking of changing my site name to qazsex.

  2. And here I thought it was my wit and virtual good looks! Yes, the addition of a simple “x” to your name might bring you some interesting visitors. Best, BL

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