Off to the beach

It’s Sunday. In this hemisphere, it’s summer. Anybody who can, should be at the beach. And if that doesn’t fit in with your plan for the day, you may, through the good offices of Silversprite, indulge in a virtual beach visit. You’ll notice, when you arrive, that you’re the only one on the beach.  How often does that happen?


7 thoughts on “Off to the beach

  1. How cool, or should I say, that’s hot? I could do with a beach – it’s 32 degrees here today (yes, I know we Brits are babies about hot weather) and blistering. We had to take a trip in the car and every so often my son would yell ‘Melting! Melting!’ I’d better go and have a look at this site!

  2. That’s very funny. It’s been hot here too, and we have a lot of discussions about how far down the windows should be rolled so we can be cool and still hear the music in the car. There are a variety of views on this subject and by the time they’ve all been aired, as it were, we’re usually at our destination. But when we’re not, it’s a verrrry long car ride full of mellllting children.

  3. I beg to differ… I love the beach when there is room to walk, when there is wind to blow around me and especially when there is freshness. The Dutch beaches on days like these (it’s very hot here as well) are horribly packed, terribly noisy and frighteningly hot. And so are the traffic jams on the way there. No, I prefer the coolness (well, relatively speaking) of home during the hot hours and the blissh of the roof terrace during the evening.

  4. A beach, or a lake would do too, is the only thing I miss in London at the moment. But only because 32 degrees (Celcius) in a city like this is too much to handle for me. My brains are starting to melt.

  5. Wah, 32 degrees C sounds great to me right now. It’s freezing here at the moment- and this is Australia. It’s not meant to be this way! We are about 1.5 hours drive from a beach here but the drive is worth it.

  6. I have no connection to the Outer Hebrides, alas, dear Qazse — but it looks like a place I’d really love to be right now. it seems so quiet and wild there — and the beaches appear to be endless. Edwin, I think that’s the sort of place you have in mind. I can’t believe how hot it is in England right now, Ingrid! Are people eating a lot of ice cream? As litlove’s son would say, “I’m melllllting.” Helen, you poor thing — at least when summer comes around you can give us extensive, colorful reports on what it’s like in Australia in January! Best to all of you, BL

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