Red, White, and Blue, Baby

Today’s my brother Tom’s birthday. He’s taken it well, having to share his birthday with that of our beloved country. This year, he’s having a birthday celebration in El Paso with our parents, his girlfriend from Columbia, Lena, our friend Aurelia and my three boys. Whew. There will be fireworks, as there often are on his birthday.

My brother lives alone most of the time. He’s a bachelor, a category of male life my sons find fascinating and wonderful. Every room in his house is magical. For example, the laundry room in his house has the usual stuff — but it also has an enormous bucket of bubble gum. He has an entire refrigerator in his garage devoted to soft drinks. He has THREE televisions. He plays the guitar well. He is terribly kind and very generous.

Today, thinking about my brother, I made the Cake with a Thousand Faces

I employed raspberries and blueberries and will not explain why that is. I’m sure you can guess. This is how it looked before it went in the oven.

This is how it looked when it came out of the oven:

I’m sure it is very clear how much I love my brother. Happy Birthday to him, the Red, White and Bluebaby.


8 thoughts on “Red, White, and Blue, Baby

  1. Hey Sis…Survived the 4th without a scratch…thank god–another birthday passed. The boys are such a treat and a wonderful birthday present. They swam most of the day…watched a couple of movies (700 channels help–they can sure gobble up the movies)…we had dinner at the country club (they looked sharp, were on their best behavior and actually had a good time) and then watched the fireworks display. They were asleep when I got up this morning. Mom and Dad return to Seattle tomorrow and I hope things settle down a bit. I’ll try and get them out of the house as I fear that I will run out of movies soon and there will be a prison uprising.
    Thanks again for sending them down. I love seeing them and they are such good company. William with his hat is roar–he looks like a longshoreman…I gave them the candy cigars you sent along for my birthday…I wish I had taken a picture…the kid passes as a mob boss. We have a little rain today (rain in the desert is a beautiful thing and rare for here). I heard covert talk about taking them to a dollar store…looks like swords, guns and assorted toys are planned for the day…thankfully I will be at work.
    You are loved and missed.

  2. That is very beautiful, but I have to say I was drooling over the uncooked cake, thinking it was some luscious kind of fresh-fruit topped cheesecake. The cooked one looks more like a giant muffin, also delicious but.. not what I was expecting. I want to make something that looks like your uncooked cake.

  3. Hello all —

    Susan — I’ve never thought about the uncooked cake looking so enticing because the cooked version, while not showy, is such a perfect thing to do with fruit when you want it in a cake. The berries sink into the batter and perfume it in a way that’s hard to capture with a photo. And as you can see from the last picture, the best thing to do with this cake is sprinkle it with powdered sugar and surround it with a mix of fresh raspberries and blueberries — a broad hint of what’s inside the cake. It doesn’t taste at all muffin-like, being denser and more subtle. I’m so glad you stopped by. It’s fun having visitors from more or less my neighborhood!

    Eoin — (For those who are wondering, I sent Eoin a link to a New Yorker review of a book called The Long Tail, about how, with the web as a tool, it’s becoming more & more possible to sell to small markets and do quite well. I am certain this oversimplifies and probably misrepresents this discussion, but that’s my stab at it.) And Eoin, although it’s not a pie, it looks like one in the beginning. I am very fond of tarts, by the way, and sometime will make you a virtually raspberry tart.

    Hello Tom — Thanks for the report about the troops. Those boys really like being in BachelorLand.

    Dear Ingrid (and everyone reading this) — I’ve said this before. The worst thing about this form of communication is that you can’t just invite people over to acually EAT the cake. Sometimes you want more than language and pictures. You want to sit outside in the slow summer evening and drink something nice and have dessert and talk about what you’re reading and what people are writing (or, in your case, filming).

    And Sue, thanks as always for being our family historian. Sometimes you read a blog and think, is this person actually real? I’ll never be able to get away with faking it, because you’ll call me out in a second! And that, precisely that, is what an older sister’s for.

  4. Hello Eoin, I am holding myself back, unsuccessfully, I see, from asking you if my reply was a tad tart. Anyway, I’ll dedicate the next tart I make to you.

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