I’ve been photographing our life a lot recently. It started to seem a little weird when I made my husband put his fork down so I could photograph our dinner. Today, I thought I’d just go out into the world and live my life instead of writing so much about it.

First, though, I wrote up a Saturday Morning Blogroll featuring World Cup sites, including one involving cooking and world cup called World Cup and Plate. It can be found at Best Blog.

One other thing — it’s a little Bridget Jones’s Diary-ish, but I’ve got a new page, called Writing Stats. A silver lining to my life right now is that I have a little more time to write. I’m afraid of it slipping away, so I’m keeping track of how much writing I do. As I mentioned to Kate a little while ago, the instant keeping track feels oppressive, I’m going to stop. It’s supposed to be helpful. And maybe even fun.
That’s it. Write, bake, lunch, clean, World Cup, hike, dinner, read. My day today. Hope yours is fabulous.


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