Reading Your Blog

Here’s something interesting, by way of Lorelle. If you’ve ever wondered how hard it is to read your blog, Juicy Studio has devised an answer of sorts — a “readabiity test” for your posts.

My favorite thing about this site was discovering that both the Bible and Mark Twain (well, yes, TV Guide too) are among the easiest to read of texts.

I plugged in a recent post. I’m a bit harder to read than Mark Twain, but easier than most contemporary fiction. That seems like a good place to live, writing-wise.

There are a lot of things to say about this, beginning with how the site doesn’t assess quality, just accessibility. Perhaps you’ll have more to say after you find out whether you, like me, or a sort of TV Guide blog, or whether you’re up there with the Times or, interestingly, the government.  As for me, I have to go now and write some fiction. Fiction that somebody, someday, might find readable.

8 thoughts on “Reading Your Blog

  1. It really is a fascinating tool! I cam out about where you were by the sounds of it. Part of me was suprised. I had not thought of it in a sense and I expected to be a little less readable. I was pleased by the result though!

  2. Eoin — I had the same reaction. I worry about being too wordy and driving my friends away in droves! And, ignoring the fact that TV Guide and I are similarly readable, I did so like hearing I was more or less in the same category as Mark Twain and the Bible. I also thought the site’s warning that if your prose approaches the opacity of the government when it’s trying to hide something, then you’ve got some work to do. Best, BL

  3. Hmmm, I tried a recent post as well. You’d need anywhere between 4.49 and 8.17 years of schooling to read it (is there a question of private/public schools here?) My Flesch rating is 69, so that’s not bad. About my target audience… By the way, Lily, don’t over estimate the readability of a TV guide, they can be quite bewildering. And the bible, well, that may depend on the translation used. Interesting test.

  4. What a fab test! I was relieved to come out on the fog index as 8.8, which was apparently equivalent to a popular novel. And the years of schooling needed on the Flesch-Kincaid grade was only 5. My readability ease was over 70. This is such a great tool! I’m always worried about my style being insufficiently lucid.Thanks so much for sharing this with us, bloglily!

  5. I tried the first five pages and found myself positioned somewhere between Mark Twain and a popular novel. I need to do a little work to bring my reading ease down to the 60-70% that the site seems to suggest writers should aim for. But overall, I’m pleased with my results.
    Thank you for sharing Bloglily.

  6. Yes, isn’t it a relief to find out you’re not writing like a web site put together by the Bush Administration! I found it so interesting to learn that when the government is lying to you, they score very high on the Fog index — such an aptly named tool.

  7. Eh, I don’t know how much credit I give this. It gave my Ever More Hideous blog a 9 on the Fog index, but I’ve had adults complain that it’s too hard to understand.

    Btw, thanks for commenting on my food blog! I have some new stuff up there.

  8. This is fun. My fog index is 9.85, my reading ease a smide under 70, and my F-K grade 6.75. I rank somewhere in the middle of “Most Popular Novels,” which is great, though not as lucrative as I had hoped…

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