Family Camp

We’re off to Feather River Family Camp tomorrow.

It’s possible that family camps are unique to California.  If that’s true, then here’s a little bit about them:  During the Depression, cities in northern California acquired land in the Sierra, did a little bit of clearing, and put up simple tent cabins (the ones we’ve stayed in have wooden floors and canvas sides), and a central dining hall. And then they opened them up for nature-starved residents. Family camps are almost always sited on rivers, so people can swim. They’re not terribly expensive. Berkeley has one — so do San Jose and San Francisco. The University of California sponsors one too.


We’ve been to several of these camps in our time. I’ve complained a lot in the past about the dust and having to eat at a communal table on picnic benches. But the boys and my husband love being at Family Camp. And so we usually go. Family Camp is a little like labor — the memory of just how bad it was leaves you (you remember you didn’t like it, but there’s no way you can dredge up the specifics of that feeling) until you return. I digress. We go because it is good for everyone to go.

This year, we’re going to a new camp: Feather River. My Thursday night writing group instructor, the wonderful Clive Matson, holds a writing workshop this week at Feather River Family Camp. I’ve never done anything productive at family camp before, beyond sweeping the floor and playing ping pong.  Complaining doesn’t count.  It is not productive. This week, it’s possible that I’ll get a lot of writing done. I think there’s an internet connection in the nearest town — Quincy — and I might post a few pictures. But if there’s a silence at BlogLily until Thursday, it’s because, well, that didn’t happen. Happy Camping.

Oh, and PS — Saturday Morning Blogroll is up at Best Blog. It features a very nice site called A Fool and His Words are Soon Parted. The day before, I posted about another wonderful site, by a watercolor artist, Jana. If you’re hanging out at home and scrolling around, take a look.


7 thoughts on “Family Camp

  1. Hey bloglily, have a wonderful time, and give my best to Clive and family!

    I’d really like to check out Feather River one year. I coordinate a family camp, too, for adoptive families, and I’m always interested in other camps and how they are run.

  2. I will, oh Urban God!

    Hello Susan — I’ll be sure to say hello to Clive and everyone. Your adoptive family camp sounds like a great thing to do, by the way.

    xxoo, BL

  3. Two nuisance things I recall about Feather River are (1) the mosquitos (not really too bad, though, if you have a little bit of DEET and clothing).
    One year there was (2) not a lot of electricity around. And once we did not even have it in our tent. Sort of like PG&E Lite.

    But the bank on Spanish Creek is heavenly to write by in the morning. There’s a tree there all tangled in its branches that looked like it hadn’t had a shampoo for years.

    I’m sure you will write at least 5000 words. Maybe 10,000.

  4. Mosquitos: check. clothing and DEET, check. I hate mosquitos.
    I’m borrowing electricity at the Plumas County Library. I’ll look for those trees. And if I am gong to get to 5000 words I’d better stop nattering on about mosquitos.

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