A Postcard From Plumas County


Quincy Library

This is what I love about life: going into a small town like Quincy, California (population: not very high) where you expect people to listen to a lot of talk radio and believe fervently in the right to bear arms and all that goes with that (motorcycles, for one thing).

And then you discover that the Plumas County Public Library provides: air conditioning, silence, books, and free wireless internet access. And it’s a nice building, with good lighting and a functioning copy machine and a librarian who’s thrilled to give you the internet wireless password. No, you can’t drink coffee in here. Yes, you can write your novel and send postcards to your friends, virtual and otherwise.


11 thoughts on “A Postcard From Plumas County

  1. There are still places that respect silence in the library? OMG. I thought they were extinct.

    Mini-rant. When I was a child, I was afraid to whisper, let alone talk, in the linrary. Now, people use their mobiles and talk loudly into the speaker while they don’t really look for books. I am so well trained that I have a hard time speaking at a normal volume in bookstores.

    Suddenly I feel like I’m posting to Dear Abby, so I’ll stop there.

    Hope you’re enjoying you vacation…

  2. It’s an interesting idea, to think that people visit libraries now when they travel on vacation, even if it’s only to check email and go online. It would be fun to travel across country, stopping in libraries along the way to make a daily library post like yours today. Of course it might not appeal much to the general public who probably don’t even go to their own library.

  3. I get rabid when I visit a library on holiday. I want to borrow *everything* but I can’t. Still seek them out, though. I like the idea of a library road tour, it would appeal to me, Jana! That would be a good topic for a travel blog or book.

  4. I always haunt the bookstores, but forget about the libraries. When I was travelling, I had a friend who always made a point of going into the library of whatever town he ended up. Of course, he also carried around a dictionary. I’d always meant to take up the torch, so to speak- thanks for the reminder. Now I just need to go somewhere…

  5. I spent a summer writing in my home town and every morning went to either the library or a local christian/biker coffee shop – both bastions for the only liberals in town – the library actually encouraged coffee drinking by providing it free to the patrons! LOVE libraries, and they always bring back such lovely memories…

  6. I love libraries. Everywhere I’ve ever lived not more than a month has passed before I’ve scoped out where the nearest libraries, bookstores and coffee shops are. On one of my longer trips to Norway, years ago, I found the local public library and went through the English language section. That’s where I first read Margaret Atwood. I still associate her with Norway…

    When I was a boy the bookmobile would come by every two weeks (we lived in a small village on the coast). Buses and books always associate themselves in my brain. I think I feel a moment of confusion when I get on a bus in the city. Where are the books?


  7. One thing is certainly true — we all love libraries! I’d say that a little coffee drinking would be in order though. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful library memories.

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