Lunch at the Brazil Cafe

Lunch on a hot day at the Brazil Cafe: a mango smoothie a little bit of chicken and rice, but not much. Mostly, we just wanted the mango smoothie. My youngest son, who is six, said several times how much he liked it here. Maybe it was the Brazilian music, the picture of a footballer in a uniform he recognized because his brother gave him an old jersey from this team (ac milan, he says, like I would know what that is. I don’t.)

The Brazil Cafe is basically a hut in a parking lot, but it’s so transformed by layers of funky and colorful paint, and fabric, and signs, that you don’t actually know what’s under it all. Something magical, is my guess.

Across the street is the Berkeley Ace Hardware — the entire second floor of which is full of models (tanks, race cars, air planes — if it ever moved, or dreamed of moving, it is here). We spent a lot of time in there, and then went to the comic book store, Comic Relief, and then we came back and looked around the second floor a little while longer and then we thought, you know, we should have lunch and how about that amazing looking place right across the street.

And so we did. And it was great. For a moment, looking at my son sitting back in his chair taking in the scene I realized I was in the middle of someone’s childhood. It was a good one to be in.


9 thoughts on “Lunch at the Brazil Cafe

  1. How I love that “in the middle of someone’s childhood”! I also sometimes take a step back, look at where my kids are and think how lucky they are and I am that they’re so happy.

  2. I too love the line “in the middle of someone’s childhood” – captures perfectly that universal feeling. That cafe looks fabulous, and a mango smoothie sounds like heaven right now…Courtney

  3. I believe one of the basic human rights (especially in the summer) should be the right to drink a mango smoothie a day, accompanied by Brazilian music. I’ve been thinking a lot about how it could be that the world’s ended up where it has — with the shrinking ozone, the wars everywhere, and rudeness on the internet and the freeways and I’ve concluded people don’t pay enough attention to pleasurable moments like this and if they did, and realized they don’t cost a lot of money, and they don’t need to grab neighboring countries to get them, we’d all be better off. But, then, I’m currently taking tylenol with codeine to take the edge off the recovery from recent surgery, so maybe the lens through which I’m viewing the world is just a tad bit more rose colored than usual.

  4. Oh LK, that’s a great recommendation — I know that place, and i read about it all the time as the awesome hangout it sounds like — and now that I’ve got mango deliciousness on the mind, I’ll have to finally stop by.

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