Yesterday’s Scene: Day Three of the Great Downhill

Well, let’s just say that yesterday’s scene was not my finest work. I pushed on, even so, through the irritated voice in my head that says things to me I’d never, ever say to another human being.

The wonderful Susan Ito knows about this sort of day. (Don’t we all?) But she has the good sense to post something very funny about the struggle it can sometimes be to get words down on the page that say something even remotely like what you want to say. Check it out. I’m glad I did, because I have to tell you that even on my worst day of writing, it is not as bad as it is for this little guy.

The moral of the day: Sometimes you just have to keep going. It will get better. And now, I’m off to do just that, because Day Three of the Great Downhill is not over yet and I have another scene to write.


5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Scene: Day Three of the Great Downhill

  1. remember what you posted to me this weekend…you’re writing, that’s the important thing! Somewhere in the blogosphere another writer has the quote “I can fix bad writing. What I can’t fix is the blank page-” don’t remember where I saw it or who coined the phrase, but it stuck with me!

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