The Gualala River (Where the Great Downhill Ends)

In a few days, I’m leaving for the Gualala River (on the north coast of California in Mendocino County) with one of my sons. I’m chaperoning the annual sixth grade field trip. I’ll be back in a week.

Here’s a progress report.

Novel: almost done. It will be complete when I return from this trip, which involves kayaking, hiking, and outdoor science learning for the children (and for me too, I suppose). What’s even better than all that worthy wilderness activity is that this trip will also involve the writing of the final chapters at night, when the tired kayaker/hikers are asleep.

Blogwriting: Temporarily on hold. I’ll be back October 7. Until then, I’ll miss hearing all of your virtual voices. Don’t do anything too too terribly exciting while I’m gone!  Oh, and don’t forget:


16 thoughts on “The Gualala River (Where the Great Downhill Ends)

  1. Thanks for the warning (no blips!)

    Enjoy your trip. And the final chapters. Looking forward to hearing about the romance of writing after a hard day chaperoning in the wilds. I am already deeply surprised, and impressed, that you’ll have the energy to do both.

  2. Have a wonderful trip – we will miss you immensely. And are you really going to manage to write after all that physical activity? Ok, you have my respect!

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  4. Well, thank you! I’m leaving in the morning, and thinking about how it’ll be to sleep in a large dormitory with 40 sixth grade girls, a species I don’t see often in my present life. Interesting. That’s the best I can come up with. (There will be a LOT of other parents, so there’s one good thing.)

    As for the writing, my REAL plan is to beg off the kayaking and a few other hours long events and set myself up somewhere to finish up. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. But it will be a nice place to try.

    xo, BL

  5. I’ll be very impressed if you’re able to finish it at night after kayaking, hiking and pursuing nature all day. Me, I think I’d load up on s’mores and fall asleep in front of the campfire. It took me months to finish the fairly modest revision of my novel. But I am, at last, finished.

    Hope your trip was great.

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