A Little Break

I’m going to be taking a bit of a break — for about four weeks — while I’m finishing up radiation (and getting some extra rest).   I’ll be back around Valentine’s Day.

xo, BL

2/13/07 — Hey all, I’ll be back tomorrow! 


56 thoughts on “A Little Break

  1. Found your blog just recently and now I´m checking in almost every day. Will miss your posts for the next month but send you thoughts and good wishes from Denmark.

  2. I’ll miss your wonderful posts! Hope the four weeks are restful and that they nurture everything that needs nurturing.

    I prescribe a healthy dose of Middlemarch, if you either haven’t read it (as I hadn’t until last month) or if it’s thinned in your memory. It’s like a good hearty stew–although delicately flavored–for the mind.

  3. Lily, we’re all rooting for you! We’ll be missing your wonderful words while you’re resting up, but all of us are sending you good wishes and lots of healing. Be well…

  4. You’re in all our thoughts and prayers, and we’re visualizing good things for you, like your feet up above your heart as often as possible…

  5. Oh god Bloglily… dear me… please, take care of yourself. rest, read, heal… I have a copy of Winter’s Tale and seriously, I’ll send it to you… it helped meal heal when I broke my back (not the same thing, to be sure…) but seriously… email me at chickeninacart AT gmail DOT com if I can send it to you. I have utter faith in it’s enjoyability and healing qualities (seriously).

  6. Tell you what, Bloglily, if you can read Ulysses while staring at radiation, we can certainly read it with you, or for you, or even help you through the tough spots when you need your strength. I, for one, will start next week and try to be way ahead of you by the time you return to your blog. Maybe you’ll ask me for a boost up on the slippery parts and you can push me from behind and together we’ll climb it.

  7. Okay, maybe I’m a little slow at the trigger. Get some rest, get through radiation in one piece, and see you back at Valentines Day, aka men’s kryptonite day.


  8. Lily, take care, and read many books.

    If you want to take walks, there are many bird walks in the City and in nearby Foster City. Spring migration seems to have begun, so it should be a nice restful experience. There was already an abundance of shorebirds last week. (In case you’re wondering, my birdwatching mojo was renewed by a recent book ;-)).

    See you back around St V’s Day!

  9. My apologies for not getting here and commenting sooner! I hope your treatment is going (as) well (as it possibly can–considering it *is* radiation therapy). I hope you’re getting lots of rest and everyone at home is taking good care of you. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers; and I eagerly await your return! *Hugs* -cat

  10. Hello Bloglily! I just want you to know, good to my word, I am reading and very much enjoying Ulysses. I’ll have my oblique opinions ready for you as soon as you’re up to the challenge. I must say, the book is far more readable and engaging than it was when my professor interrupted every few lines with his analyses.

  11. David – I can picture that. Funny.

    Lily – I continue to send good vibes your way. My sister just went through the same thing and is chipper and well and continues to be the same wonderful person she has always been…

    Q xo

  12. I just bought Sacred Games by Vikram Chandra..wanted to just stop by and tell you how much I’m enjoying it…Hope you’re having an enjoyable break.

  13. I put off the early reply to this, BL. Now you probably need the encouragement. I’m thinking of you and your family. Fight on and I look forward to seing your bouncy return around Valentines day.

  14. Lily, I seem to recall you enjoy corny puns:

    In certain cultures and times the alpha males had several if not many wives. When isopropyl alcohol was first introduced to these regions it was considered a luxurious topical coolant. On particularly hot days, the alpha male would have his many wives dab the miracle liquid all over his exposed skin. I guess you could call them an isopropyl harem.

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