Canterbury Bells and Hot Cross Buns

How could it be that I’ve lived forty seven years and never seen this particular flower except in my dreams? Canterbury bells are the ideal spring flower — they look like something that’s sheltered in the earth through a cold winter, and then bloomed after a warm spring rain.  Sitting on our piano, they smell like April’s fresh, clean air.

And may I say that there is no more perfect Easter morning food than the hot cross bun? I know you’re supposed to eat them on Good Friday, but really — who has time to make yeast bread on a Friday, the day reserved for finishing up a little work and buying a lot of chocolate Easter eggs? Anyway, it seemed right that the risen Bread and the risen Christ should happen at around the same time. These are perfect toasted lightly and spread with butter. If I could find the book, I’d give you the recipe, but that will have to wait until the haze of glazed ham, asparagus vinaigrette, scalloped potatoes, and lemon cake with strawberries has worn off.

I hope it was a lovely Easter, that most hopeful of holidays.


16 thoughts on “Canterbury Bells and Hot Cross Buns

  1. Hi Bloglily! I first learned about Canterbury bells last year by reading gardening blogs… I’d never seen them before either! (Don’t you just love how blogs let us see what’s growing in different parts of the world?)

    I hope you also had a lovely Easter, and have a great week!


    PS – I tagged you from Arboreality with the Thinking Blogger Award! You definitely deserve it 🙂

  2. I don’t know which picture made me more wistful: the Canterbury bells or the hot cross buns. Both are just beautiful…and as everythinginbetween said, we’re a little on the slow side here for spring. Tell me: is it true that flowers really do bloom, in the ground?? So far the only ones I’ve seen are in the grocery store!

  3. For the last twenty years or so we’ve met with other folks on a hill and rolled boiled eggs on Easter Sunday. I think there were twenty of us this year. Then we all go back to our house and drink coffee and eat hot-cross-buns. I don’t make the buns myself, but my partner has a pretty good recipe and there’s never any left by about mid-afternoon. It’s a gender thing.

  4. I’m lazy and just buy my hot cross buns at the bakery. They’re pretty delicious, but yours look downright heavenly (and you’re right. So much more appropriate on Easter than Good Friday).

  5. Happy Easter, dear Lily! Beautiful flowers, beautiful buns, what else do I come to expect from you, but beauty and pleasure and the most lovely, fragrant prose?

  6. Hi Lily,

    You may be tired of these meme things, but by the authority vested in me… you’ve been given a Thinking Bloggers Award. Drop by my site to see the significance of this!


  7. Hello Jade — and Fencer! That’s very nice of both of you. I’m flattered to have made anybody think, when my principal aim is to make you laugh (without wondering why you’re not doing the dishes or something more productive instead). I’m thrilled to be memed in this way.

    Hi Courtney — I’d love to be someplace where people will play Scrabble with me. We seem to always be rushing around places, and not ever to be sitting at the table with a game in front of us.

    Oh Sandi, poor you. Soon it’ll be spring, I promise.

    TBM, that makes me very happy.

    I have the most wonderful vision of you and your friends rolling easter eggs around, even though I have no idea what this actually entails, Mr. Baker. But if it ends in hot cross buns, I’m just going to guess it’s fun.

    Hi Emily — The bakery ones are generally not misshapen and the crosses look like real crosses rather than the suggestion of crosses. It’s good to have a decent bakery for one’s holiday needs, is all I’m saying.

    And I’m glad yours was a good Easter too, dear litlove!

    Hello Del, Well you’re welcome! It’s really lovely to hear about the joy and beauty. There’s not nearly enough of either of those two things circulating in the world, and it’s good when we can all partake of a little of either. xo

  8. Oh, please please give us the recipe… I can almost smell the buns from my computer screen and I so want to have the taste too! Is that chocolate chips or raisins? Happy Easter holidays to you!

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