All in Together Girls

Earlier today, the doorbell rang downstairs about a million times. We never have to sign for packages, but that’s what the ringing was all about. Maybe the letter carrier knew what I was shortly to find out and felt it only safe to get a signature — because in that package was Kate Sutherland’s sizzling new book of short stories, All in Together Girls.

I’ve only had time to look at one story, but it was a great one: Making Love While the Kettle Boils. Lovely writing, terrific characters and a sense of a real place where the drama plays out. And, besides, I’m a sucker for stories that celebrate words (in this story cross-words) and give you some insight into sex.

It’s a happy day when a good new book like this one rings down your house. It’s a thrill when it comes from someone whose blog you’ve been reading for the last year.

Wonderfully enough, there are other books from bloggers and friends coming out (or already out) and I’ll be talking about those in the next couple of weeks — Kate’s really impressive new collection of stories heralds what looks like a great season of fine books.

14 thoughts on “All in Together Girls

  1. This looks like a wonderful collection. I’ve not read Kate’s work, but I will order this from my little local bookstore. Thank you for the tip-off!

  2. It is indeed a pleasure to receive a new book. I’m looking forward to more of your posts about what sounds like a wonderful collection of stories.

  3. SS — Yes, I love the whole thing: the box waiting for you (or the padded mailer), opening it up to the real thing, all that is wonderful.

    Hello Nova, I don’t read a lot of stories, but this collection makes me realize how foolish I’ve been not to. That list of 15 favorite stories on your site and LK’s has really whet my appetite — and over at a Curious Singularity, Kate’s been doing a great service by hosting a short story discussion group. They’re everywhere. Clearly, the universe is speaking in short stories.

    Litlove — the doorbell ringing was probably because the package came from a suspicious source: amazon canada!

    Hi Tai — Now I’m curious to know what your favorite local bookstore is, given that we’re neighbors!

  4. I’ve read all the stories twice so far. They are pure delight.

    I also went to her book launch – will hopefully blog about it tonight or tomorrow (am recovering from a horrendous allergy attack).

  5. Books Inc., on Park Street in Alameda. I guess it’s not strictly local, since I live in Oakland, not Alameda, but it’s a favorite. Lots of character.

  6. Wishy, I’m having so much fun reading these top ten stories lists. There’s something inspiring about them — I can imagine reading ten stories!

    Tai — I’ve never been there. I remember you mentioning a good cafe in Alameda too. I think I’m going to have to make a trip to the islands.

    Hello Patricia — Oh, I’m so glad to hear that. I can’t wait to hear about the book launch. Over here, we only got the doorbell ringing. I’m sure it was much more wonderfully festive at the real thing.

    Hi Dorothy, Yes, and the rest of the stories are terrific too.

    LK — Thank you for starting the wave of short story meme’ing that’s everywhere now. It’s so fun to see people’s choices. (And I’m waiting for YOUR book, baby — and the party!)

  7. I must get this book. I love short stories, and I’m always looking for new authors to love. I don’t mind reading my old favorites over once in a while, but I get so tired of being disappointed by what appears to be going to be good that turns out to be blah. And there are only so many mysteries one can consume before you get tired of the blood bath. After all, in order to have a murder mystery, there must be a murder, and a motive. There is more than enough real life death out there. Most romances are nicely packaged, albeit rather rough, toilet paper; so I don’t even bother usually.

    Thanks for the tip, Bloglily.

  8. Bloglily, perhaps one day I will be blase and professional about this sort of thing, but not yet. I’m positively giddy at the idea of you way off in California reading my book. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the stories!

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