Where Oh Where is that Podcast?

Dear Faithful Readers,  Your many wonderful questions have provided us with many an evening mulling over issues we seldom think about.  Why does time go so fast when you’re having fun, what goes into a real martini — those and other questions have precluded a speedy podcast.

Okay, okay.  We actually do know what goes into a real martini.  And yes, we have an answer for the time question too.  You know why I haven’t been here for two whole weeks? 

My computer crashed.  Yargh.  That’s never actually happened to me before — the thing where your screen goes blank, and then weird vertical lines begin to wave across the screen and the fan comes on and makes a huge amount of noise, like something’s going to blow up.  Nothing did actually blow up, but I’ve had to relinquish my access to all of you, and to my neat podcasting microphone thingy, for a while.  I try not to blog at work, but this morning I realized I needed to at least say something!

So, wish me luck on the repairs — I figure it’ll be a week. 

Love, BL


25 thoughts on “Where Oh Where is that Podcast?

  1. don’t worry about blogging at work, we’ll keep the secret… :mrgreen:
    good luck with that ‘sick computer’, and do take all the time you need with the podcast, it will only gain from all the mulling over and the anticipation.

  2. These vertical lines and fan are scarier than the typical blue screens that we get on Windows machines when they crash. Were you using a Mac or a PC? The fan coming on, in particular, is scary because I wonder if the processor was overheating, and if that would result in a significant repair cost, depending on whether the computer was within warranty or not.

    Good luck on the repairs, and as I mentioned in the email, I hope all the data on your disk is recoverable.

  3. Nice to know you are alive and well, even if the computer is dead… I’ve fried several computers in my time, most notably on the occasion when the cooling fan conked out in one and my husband decided he could manage the thing by sticking a pencil up the back and getting it rotating again. If only he had told me that it required this patent method……!

  4. I figure you’ll have to cancel all the old questions and ask your readers to come up with a new lot. Don’t you think that would be fair after suffering a defunct computer?

  5. I am coming up on my twentieth year with computers, and yet I still go cold when I see something incomprehensible on the computer screen. Why does the computer hold this power?

  6. Ooh, I’d started to fear that our questions had scared you away from your computer! I’m relieved. Computer data recovery is a tricky thing, I keep my fingers crossed for you…

  7. I hate it when the computer crashes. It has happened to us twice, and in addition we also got a worm virus once. Actually, crashing is better than viruses. We ended up having to copy all our files onto disk, wipe the hard drive completely, re-install our programs, then a firewall ( which had to be done twice since the first firewall caused indigestion in the processor and in order to install the second firewall we had to re-install all the processing software YET AGAIN). Then update the virus protection and re-load all the files. Notice I say “we” in all this reportage. Actually, that would be the Royal We, since it was actually the ever patient Jim that did the whole works. If I had had to do it, I would probably have thrown the whole kit and caboodle out the window about the time the second firewall needed to be installed. Good luck, Bloglily!

  8. Computer crashes remind me of why I like books so much: you don’t have to turn them on or plug them in. They never crash or break down. Give me a library over a database anyday! (He says, writing in an office surrounded by books, which have been ignored in favor of his Mac.)

  9. Of course you need to blog from work; it’s a humanitarian necessity so that all your friends know you’re OK. If anyone complains, just tell them you’re saving the world!

  10. Oh, bother computer crashes. Wishing yours a speedy recovery.

    Can’t wait for PodLily, but I do hope BlogLily makes her way back to posting soon.

  11. BL, do you have an iBook? That is exactly what happened to mine some months ago. There was a recall that I didn’t know about. I was devastated; I loved that computer. I hope yours comes through better than mine did. Mine didn’t qualify for the free fix (it was the logic board). I had to buy a new computer.

  12. Losing computers is a nightmare – my powerbook’s powerboard blew out and it was in the Mac hospital for three weeks! At least supermum let me use hers every now and then.

  13. Lily dear, there is only one way to make a true martini, and I am holding my breath in anticipation that you will reveal the truth, and free the world from the turmoil and slavery of the so-called “Vodka” martini. Gin and vermouth and an olive, very cold, shaken with ice, that’s it. Feed one to your computer. It may be the only thing. xxoo

  14. Yay! I’m at the apple store, and my lovely computer’s about to emerge from whatever back room they’ve had it in. Fortunately, it still had some warranty-life yet. So on to podcasting. xoxo, BL

  15. Oh, bloglily! We all sympathize so. My computer did this to me on Dec. 31st, after I had ignored numerous warnings, such as the Blue Screen coming on more and more often with its ominous message, which I am now paraphrasing: THIS COMPUTER IS GOING TO CRASH SOON AND TAKE AWAY ALL OF YOUR DATA. START BACKING UP ALL YOUR FILES NOW.

    For some reason, I didn’t back them up.

    But I am enjoying my new computer…a clean slate. Hope you’re back up and running soon!

  16. Dear Bloglily,

    We are putting together a search-and-rescue team to extract you and your computer from the Apple store where you are being held hostage. If you are able, send up a beacon flare before we storm the doors.

    Capt. Aerophant

  17. Those wavy vertical lines..I remember. This happened with my computer 2 times. I don’t know why. And the fan was also makin noises as if an unrepaired motor is running. I don’t know what I did with my pc, I don’t think I did anything to it, it just happened on its own.

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