I am, at this exact moment, in the airport, on my way to Europe.  It is not the case that I’m fleeing the country because I couldn’t get the damned podcast headphone thing to work, it’s just that I’m fleeing the country because ….. TA DA…  I’m going on vacation, and it came around way sooner than podcasting, apparently, ever will.  We’ll get to those questions someday, but I’m left thinking that really, a good question, which is what all of you asked, is in many ways a satisfying thing all by itself.  (And Mandarine, I know that was a Monty Python thing and so did Doug, but I cheated and had to google it and I know it’s imprinted on both of your DNA.)

Tomorrow, I’ll be in London for a day or so, and then I’m going on to Italy, for some hiking and some hanging out.  I figure, after a month or so of being out of touch, the best way to get back in touch is to take a long break from work, and work, and work, which is what’s been on my mind for the last month.

I would like to just say that I believe I am the only person on this hugely crowded flight to Gatwick who’s looking forward to being in the air for all those hours.  I’m all alone in seat 33 H,  my children and lovely husband being home finishing up school and other things.  I’ve got a great book of Chekhov short stories, ones that were translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, and if that doesn’t do the trick, a magazine, and then my beautifully working computer, the one that works fine as long as I don’t try to hook any gadget more complex than my digital camera to it.

It’s great to be back in touch.  I’ve missed you guys. Next wireless connection, I’ll let you know if I’m right about being the happiest person on the flight.

xo, BL


25 thoughts on “Wireless

  1. Dear Lily~

    Oh joy, oh bliss! I know you will love Italy! Roland and I were just there last September and had a splendid time!

    Enjoy your vacation, my dear. I know I’ll enjoy reading your blog entries about it!

    ~Love and Blessings,

  2. Hey, that sounds great. I hope you have a wonderful time. Reminded me that I’ll be hopping over to Scandinavia soon for a few weeks. Crazy how the summer just arrives with almost no warning.

  3. Have a beautiful holiday Ms Lily. If you hit southwest Germany (Heidelberg area) be sure to look me up. I will be mightily offended if you don’t. I may even sulk.

    Enjoy the aloneness. As a mother of three, I can well understand how damn good that is going to feel.

  4. Hello Ms. Smithereens, I am going to Paris, in fact. I’ll be there with two boys in a week or so. Email me, and we can meet up — if only to allow me to demonstrate my complete inability to speak French.

    Oh Charlotte, there’s no Germany in the cards — if there was, I’d be there in a second.

    Hey Ann, Pictures in the next post. My London hotel seems to be a place for people who never leave their rooms, but just spend all their time on their computers, so connected is it. But I am not planning to do that, except to post tomorrow.

    Hey John — Lucky you. I love summer!

    Selene, Yes, I’m very excited about being in Italy. I’ll be leaving Sunday afternoon, and will be back in London the next week. xo

  5. Lily,

    Good to hear from you. A few months ago I went to Geneva for the weekend. Many people thought I was crazy, but the long flight’s offer of reading time was a prime motivation for the journey. Good on you and traveling mercies be with you.


  6. Have a wonderful time, Lily.

    A very memorable portion of my vacation last year was the solitary flight to the UK. Traveling by myself allowed me to leave all of my work worries behind me somewhere in the contrails. I hope the start of your trip is as relaxing and energizing.

  7. Have a great vacation. I posted a short story on my blog links if you are looking for something to read. It is the John Steinbeck link.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  8. Lily!!! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that you were going? Or, did you, and I just forgot?? Have a wonderful time ~ how long are you gone?
    xoxo Debs

  9. Bon Voyage Bloglily. You make me feel even more excited about my trip to London and Paris in September. I ‘ll be flying back on my own, and wasn’t particularly looking forward to that, but your enthusiasm for solo travelling is inspiring.

  10. Have a glorious vacation! I have the Pevear and Volokhonsky translation of Chekhov’s stories as well. I did a bit of comparing and contrasting of translations when we discussed Chekhov at A Curious Singularity, and concluded that I like the Pevear and Volokhonsky translations the best. Am I correct in recalling that the Paris trip may provide a bit of inspiration for your new novel?

  11. Ruth — How fun. You’re so smart to travel in the fall, when the crowds are sparser and the weather is still so lovely. As for solo traveling, I love it more than I can say. I try to do things that please myself and are good for me — and when I feel a little lonely I put some headphones in and listen to the kind of music that might embarrass other people, but I love (Glen Campbell, Johnny Rivers, a little 80s party music, Johnny Cash… a weird mix of things like that), and you are in the vacation world of your dreams.

    I will Polaris! In a moment, I’m posting something about this great evening I had last night.

    Oh Mandarine, I’m sorry you won’t be in Paris! I’m going with Charlie, and then Jack, who is singing in Paris, will join us for a week. Are you sure you can’t just, you know, get on a train and come sit in a cafe with us?

    Debby, We were so busy last week, I even managed to forget I was leaving. (That is so not true, by the way — we must have been gabbing about other things…)

    Hello d. chedwick — Thank you for that link! It’ll be fun to check out your story. I’ve brought some things with me to go over, when I’m not otherwise busy drinking tea and walking around. Sometimes being in a hotel is the absolute best way to get some writing done.

    Cam, I can see we are fellow members of the Society of Solo Travelers. That, and not bringing along a lot of stuff, are my two favorite travel modes. And you’re right, all the work worries are completely, utterly, gone.

    Thank you Jade!

    Hey Ben, I can see the appeal — Also, the time change is not so terrible. You just stay up super late and sleep in, which you should be doing anyway, being on vacation as you are.

    Heaven indeed Ms. Lucette — I love Chekhov. And last night (I”m going to write about it in a moment), I saw the most wonderful Gorky play — it’s raining Russians presently.

    Tom, and I am looking forward to seeing you! And so are the boys.

  12. In theory I could take the night train and teleport myself to Paris and back; your suggestion is tempting. It is the same distance as San Diego – San Francisco. But I am not the spur-of-the-moment sort, unfortunately. It might be different if I was in love with you 😉

    Paris is where I grew up until I was 22, so there’s bound to be places you go where I have been before (is there such a thing as the ghost of a person still alive?) If you have time to take your boys to le Palais de la Découverte or la Cité des Sciences, that’s places where you can hardly miss my shadow on the wall…

  13. Mandarine, do you remember when it was true that you’d go such distances, on the spur of the moment because of love ?! It’s certainly easier LIVING with that person, so all you have to do now is walk into the other room and there they are. Thank you so much for those wonderful recommendations. I’ll be in Paris for ten days with Charlie and Jack and we will certainly go to both places and report back on our experiences. I think they are both very likely to love them.

  14. Lucky you! Our vacation this year will not be far in distance (maybe 2 hours by car) but it is the trip itself that will be our adventure. Next Sunday, after much work and preparation we launch Carpe Diem, our little 20′ sailboat and head out to explore the Northumberland Strait.

    Mind you, I probably WILL be in Clermont-Ferrand in September for work. I wonder if that hermit Mandarine lives near the Massif Central?

    While you’re in England, do go to a cheese shop, but don’t expect much! And don’t buy any Norwegian Blues, they tend to pine for the fjords… 😉


  15. Doug: I do live near the Massif Central. Apparently, it is a three-hour drive from Clermont. Either you can waste twice that much time, or we can meet halfway if you want to take pictures in Aubrac.

  16. What fun! And lucky, lucky you. My vacation this year is going to be moving from CT to PA. Oh boy! I think I’ll deserve something extra special after that, don’t you?

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