News flash:  We adopted Archie three days ago, after years and years of me saying things like over my dead body will we bring another male being into this already testosterone-laced household where no one ever cleans the sink after he brushes his teeth and the level of cursing, oh my god, is higher than on board the Jolly Roger, and besides who the hell is going to walk/feed/pick up poop/remove burrs? 

What an idiot I was.  Archie is, without question, the sweetest, gentlest, smartest, most perfect orphan ever rescued from mean, neglectful people and dropped into a house that really doesn’t deserve so much good luck.  He came to us with (a) a crate he likes to sleep in at night and (b) a basic knowledge of how to sit when you ask him to and use the bathroom outside. 

Now it’s also true that the only other pet I’d ever cared for before Archie the wonder dog was a goldfish named Harold (named after the first boy I kissed), and so my confidence about how I’d do as a pet guardian was not very high.  Piece of cake, though, when you have a sweet dog like Archie, who pretty much just wants to hang out with you and watch you adoringly and lick your feet.  (I kid you not.  And believe me, I am not getting that kind of treatment anywhere else on the Jolly Roger.) Plus, one of the nicest men around, with one of the most interesting, entertaining blogs going, is named Archie.  The dog gods have smiled on us and I just thought you’d rather know that today than the answer to the burning question, what was it about the Italians that kind of bugged Dickens?   You’ll find that out soon enough. 


33 thoughts on “Archie

  1. Oh. My God. You had better be careful, or I am going to come and dognap that dog. He is ADORABLE.

    He looks like he could be related to our dogs. I WANT AN ARCHIE!!!!!!!

  2. I take a similar position in my household – when I’m met with a request for a pet, I fob it off because I’m not ready to face the mess and poop of a fourth body. My latest line is, “I’ve already got three pets. I don’t need another.”

    BUT! If I was faced with anyone as adorable as Archie, I can see how my resolve would melt. Those melting eyes …. and with a good line in foot licking. He sounds special.

  3. *Melt*

    Can I come and play with him?

    As male beings go, I think you can’t ask more than this little guy. And I guess you can be pretty sure he won’t brush his teeth or curse.

  4. Poodly dogs are so intelligent as well. He really looks like a cutie. And he has a wonderful name which I had thought I shared only with a cockroach 🙂 I wonder if he can type.

    Dear Bloglily, thank you for the kind comment about my blog. I would have described it as “pedantic” and “repetitive”. I will treasure your words.

  5. Welcome back! From the descriptions I can almost picture the adorable critter, but alas for reasons unknown to me, the picture does not appear!?

    Having read all the descriptions in the comments tho, I can say ‘what a cutie’ and be thankful that my dog can’t see the photo and get self-esteem issues requiring expensive therapy!


  6. What an adoreable dog! And how good to have you back – I love Italy, too, though it’s been over ten years now since my last trip there. I’m looking forward to anything more you tell us about your time there.

  7. Welcome Back Lily !! Great news about Archie. I can’t wait to meet him (and neither can Harlan, Hattie Mae, Ginger & Freddy). Your life will never be the same. xo

  8. I am just so jealous that I may never visit again (just joking). For some reason my Bears won’t let me have a dog. I shall show them pictures of Archie and keep pushing.

  9. Tai, We’re calling him a terri-poo, just because it cracks us up to have a poodle/terrorist (terrier, I mean) mix.

    Hey Ann, when the Bears talk, we should all be listening!

    Dear Debby — You’re right. I just hadn’t realized it would be so wonderful.

    Doug, I’m getting the impression that dogs are like babies — your own is the CUTEST in the entire world. So, no need for photos because the cutest dog in the world is right there sitting at YOUR feet.

    Charlotte — I think it got easier to imagine as the boys got older. Now that we have two 7th graders and a 3rd grader who are so happy to have a dog that they actually do go out and walk him, it’s do-able.

    You’re right Edwin. And even though he doesn’t brush his own teeth, and has does jump up a little when he sees you, feet licking pretty much makes any deficiency, no matter what the size, disappear.

    Archie, I know that Archie. A Cricket in Times Square, right? I love that book.

    Hello Mike, thank you. I can’t wait to see what’s happening over at your blog. xoxo, L

    Susan, Lucky you — you have two of these kinds of dogs? That must be lovely for them. They seem to really like company.

    Dear Ben, A blessing indeed. And you know that cat named Jughead? That’s a really fabulous idea.

    Oh, LK, That’s sweet. You’ll be seeing us on our walks. Just look for the three boys who can’t keep their eyes off a small white dog.

    You bet Ingrid! I’m sorry to have been out of touch — when I was in Europe this summer I managed to miss every blogger connection I could have made, including you, so I’m hoping when I’m back (I think in the spring), we can meet up. Sans Archie, alas, or he’d have to stay.

    David — Welcome! That made me laugh. Picture of your dog, please??

    Hey SW, You’re right about the size. He’s bigger than the picture lets on, but not a whole lot.

    Hello Ms. Mum, I’m working on Dickens/Italy. xoxoxo, BL

    And hello Del (your comment got lost somehow in some weird wordpress place) — I’m so glad to BE back. I love writing odd essays about the strange stuff I think about and discovering that there are other people just like me (only maybe better adjusted) who will read what I write. I’m busily thinking up something to say about Dickens and Italy, and am looking forward to hearing (a) who likes to read him and (b) who would rather body surf in Iceland in the winter than have to read him.

  10. Bloglily,

    Your use of “The Jolly Roger” as a moniker for your home has had me laughing since Tuesday. I brought the matter up with my wife, and we’ve decided that our home also should have a maritime designation. So now the manse is the “Monkey Island Ferry.” (We have three kids between the ages of two and five).

    Thank you for helping us come into a new understanding of ourselves.


  11. Hooray! You’re back, and with two new posts (and photos) well worth waiting for. Your Italian vacation sounds heavenly, and Archie does indeed look like the sweetest dog in the world. He has a very serious, adoring expression on his adorably furry face. I’m sure you captured his soul.

    I’m looking forward to more on Italy and Romantic-era poets, as well as just your delightful presence in the blog-o-verse. Welcome, welcome, welcome back Ms. Lily, oh, most welcome!

    ~Love and Blessings,

  12. Growing up I had a parakeet, fish, and siblings. My mother detested dogs having been raised by a mother who suspected they might be Trojan horses for the devil. (Now, of course, we know through scientific methods that Ronald McDonald is really Satan’s Trojan horse).

    Several years ago my wife and I rescued a stray dog from the streets. I have been in love ever since.

    I am so happy you found yet another wellspring of joy this great universe has to offer.

    w/ fond regards,


  13. Archie has a fan here – Kiko loves “pappies”! He said: “Pappy!” when he saw Archie’s photo, then when he saw the comments page he said: “What DAT?” then “woof! woof! woof! Pappy!” This was his way of saying he wanted to see the puppy photo again!

  14. Helen, Kiko is definitely on to the right things. Why read text when you can look at pappy pictures?

    Hello dear Ms. OP — Archie’s only flaw, alas, is that he seems to like people more than his own kind. That might be because he believes himself to be a person, but we’ve got to get him used to other dogs before we take him out to play. (But I’m available for the aforementioned playing.)

    Thank you Giniann — So far so good.

    Oh Q, that’s so sweet. He is indeed a wellspring of good feelings. I’m glad to hear about your rescue operation. It’s such a good thing to do.

    Thanks Courtney — I didn’t know about your dog fever. I’ll look forward to hearing where that goes.

    And thank you too Heather — I whispered that in Archie’s ear and he seemed quite happy to hear it.

    Ben Daniel, you are a clever fellow. I’ve got this image of the Monkey Island Ferry cruising along the bay, its inhabitants snacking, playing, hanging out happily.

    HMH — He’s actually the most Dickensian of dogs: the smart, cute, appealing orphan.

  15. If the boys were a little older, you could simply point out what a total chick-magnet that dog is– they would be walking him everywhere. What a little hunkalove! Can’t wait to read more-

  16. Hello TIV, And welcome! Yes, he is cute, isn’t he? I’m so glad to have found your blog and am happy you’ve made your way over here too.

    Kate, Bring on the foot licking, say I!

    Hi Jana, We do so love him, it’s true. And he seems so happy to see us. This whole dog thing is way, way better than I ever thought it would be.

    Lucy, Why yes!

    Hey Mary, Right now, if they knew about the chick magnet thing, they’d refuse to walk him. But yes, in a matter of seconds, all that will change. Love, L

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