Some Might Say His Standards are Too High


Others might suggest that I not leave my husband alone to take care of our children for extended periods of time while doing nothing more helpful than calling him from Honolulu to say the weather is very, very nice.


11 thoughts on “Some Might Say His Standards are Too High

  1. I love the second bullet, but I empathize with the growing podkins. That must be hard :).

    Hope you had a great time in Hawaii! Needless to say, I am very envious – Europe, then Hawaii, ….

  2. This is such a “guy” note, no? We moms could learn something from its succinctness. Standards too high? Don’t think so: it says nothing about expectations that less than 100% compliance = failure. šŸ™‚

  3. Heh, brilliant note. I don’t think you’ll get much sympathy about the weather based on my experience.

    I’ve been in South Carolina this last week and phoning home to cold Nova Scotia and saying ‘It’s terrible, 90’s and sunny all day and 70’s at night’ just doesn’t get any traction!

    I think my mum never left us with dad for extended periods because she was afraid we’d revert to savagery! For example swearing was not allowed in the house! Dad called it ‘garage talk’… He had a big garage too….


  4. Hello Litlove — It’s very funny, isn’t it, to think of our spouses as Mr. Bloglily and Mr. Litlove! It reminds me of of those Mr. books — Mr. Strict. Mr. Disciplinarian. Mr. SignMaker.

    Dear Ben, If you have some construction paper and a sharpie, you’re home free, dude. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that your lovely children aren’t on a blue streak — not yet anyway.

    Hey Doug, Lucky you! It sounds so wondeful. And the “garage talk” thing is very funny. Let Savagery Rule, I say.

    You are absolutely right, David. And I guess being a parent is probably all about forgetting that simple fact.

    Simple. Three requirements. Easy to read. A guy thing indeed, Cam.

    Polaris, I love thinking of them as the podkins. It seems so, well… cute. And I am sorry to have been out of touch — I missed your move to the east coast (hearty congratulations!) and am looking forward to reading your posts from the new locale.

    Dear Archie, I don’t think the weather reports were the catalyst, they were just the nails in the coffin.

    I can only imagine, dear Yogamum, that you have seen such efforts at imposing control in your own household and know how terribly futile they generally can be and how funny they are to watch.

    My dear Sylvia, If only!

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