Well Bead Me a Tiara!

Here’s a piece of surprising news — I am one of the six finalists for the Fabri Prize.  My guess was that was about as likely as my sons sitting down quietly in the living room one evening and beading me a necklace,  bracelet and matching tiara for Christmas.

They’d better get started, don’t you think?

Little House on the Prairie Report:  Oops.  I bought some perfume to celebrate.  In fact, I bought an incredibly beautiful Guerlain fragrance called L’Heure Bleue.  The blue hour.  That gorgeous, slightly melancholy time between day and night, when many things are still possible, even if many things have already occurred.  Which is how I think of these years, the middle of my life. 

Otherwise, it’s all food, all the time, including last night’s dinner which consisted of the loveliest lamb chops I’ve ever eaten.  Along with cous-cous that came in a box, rather than the bulk bin, and had a very tasty little flavor packet with some parmesan in it.  Everyone really, really liked that.

Now, we just have to get rid of the Halloween candy and move on. 


26 thoughts on “Well Bead Me a Tiara!

  1. Congratulations Lily! I love the Little House on the Prairie theme for the month of December. Maybe you’ll just have to buy a few oranges and sticks of candy in Dec. Wouldn’t that be nice. But how will you resist your book stacks? Do books count?

  2. Wow, that’s fantastic news! Congratulations!!! Seeing as this NEVER happened in the Little House I, too, think that worthy and extravagant celebrations are in order!

  3. Congratulations, Lily! How exciting for you! You go girl! I too love the Little House on the Prairie theme, and may have to try it myself with my family. I’m sure they’ll just LOVE it! 😉

    I’m hoping for even more good news about your book!

  4. Congratulations! Since such prizes didn’t exist in the Little House days, I think it’s perfectly right and fitting to go buy a perfume that didn’t exist either. I mean, in my book, fighting your way around the store to find the perfume must have been Ma fighting her way across this country to help Pa build a house on the prairie.

  5. Thank you all! What lovely people you are, to come here and be happy with me. It’s an amazing thing, when you think about it. And I’m so glad to hear that perfume (I suppose in a pinch, it could be seen as an alcohol product) passes muster with such a discriminating group of friends!

  6. Oh Lily. I am just so pleased. I suppose I will have to wait in line with the well-educated adults, for you to autograph my very own copy, before I get to read the rest of your blankety blank book*(* last chapter made available to this reader was suspense filled pre-climax chapter– no more provided, despite repeated requests . . .hence frustrated reference to blankety-blank) I also love L’
    Heure Bleu— now you just need a tight fitting black dress ala Jean Rhys heroine style, except you are so very NOT down and out on your luck, and you must not take up smoking . . .

  7. Your writing is so wonderful and I hope you receive the award — it is certainly much deserved. Visiting your blog is always such a treat. I loved the post about the rules for boys. Mine are 27 & 32 and they still mumble (but don’t punch girls in the stomach anymore!).

  8. Oh Jana, That’s such a lovely compliment. I’m glad you like coming over here — I love looking at your art. (I’m glad to hear that boys stop using physical force to express their admiration for things.)

    Hey Mary — I’m working on that dress, having plenty of shoes to go with it. Oh, you’ll be seeing plenty of the ending, with a short hiatus while I try to forget the 48 hours I spent proofing and editing it. For now, I am having fun writing stories set in places like strip clubs, so that’s what’s coming to writing group next time you and I are both in the same place at the same time.

    Kate, Thank you! It’s lovely whenever anyone likes your work, isn’t it?

    Thank you Becky. Glad to have your thumbs up on the perfume!

    Hey Pastor Ben — I’m so glad to see you over here & hope all’s well.

    U-Dad, I can hear your accent. Thank you!

    Dear Nova — Whenever I sit down to write a story (I am only on my fourth or fifth), I think about you in your New York City writing spots and for some reason this calms me down. I think it is because you never give up, and you love what you do so much — you’re really an inspiration!

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