You Smell Like Disneyland

I think the people at Guerlain might have been taken aback by the conversation in the car on the way to school this morning in which there was some discussion about the lovely Acqua Allegoria floral perfume I was sporting.  It was not, actually, my intention to smell like Disneyland.  Nor was it my intention to smell, as the perfume critic/child said hastily, when he noticed my shocked look, like the “outside of Disneyland,” as though a little distance from the House of the Mouse might make that comparison less troubling. 

But at least they meant it as a compliment, which is how I’m going to take it .

This slight post, you must realize, is just an excuse to tag more planners.  (Ah, Stefanie, you thought maybe I was not going to tag you?  Wrong.  I have a Tag Plan.  It involves a happy half hour browsing through my blogroll and thinking about how lucky I am to know so many smart, funny, impressive people before choosing a group of them at random to browbeat into saying a word or two about how they plan something, anything, that matters to them.  The holidays.  Building a huge office building.  Finishing a novel.  Discovering the source of the Nile.  Getting a poem out into the world.) 

meeta, whose blog was a place where I got to write about my obsession with packed lunches, before I discovered I couldn’t keep that up and breathe at the same time.

 If you have ever run out of things to read, all you really have to do is consult the right hand side of dark orpheus‘s blog.  There is an awful lot of reading going on over there.  Naturally, I would like to know how all that gets done.

Jana, who draws and paints almost every day.  Lovely, lovely watercolors and sketches.  Some days you do not want words.  And then you go here.  I wonder how someone who is so visual makes a plan. 

I realize this is only four blogs, but what wonderful blogs they are! 


8 thoughts on “You Smell Like Disneyland

  1. Hmm. I am wondering what Disneyland smells like. I think that the people at Guerlain might actually be flattered by the statement, because perfume is all about emotional associations and reactions. Doubtless your son has happy memories of Disneyland, and so he smells something that makes him think happy thoughts and he things Disneyland. (He is probably too young to think about sex just yet!)

    I am writing to tell you that I have completed part one of my response to your challenge on how I plan, and it will appear on my blog tomorrow morning.

  2. OK, that has to be the BEST blog entry title of 2007 (and that’s saying something as we’re in the thick of December.) Depending on the context it could mean anything…

  3. Hmm…I really like your blog. I stumbled over here from somewhere. Oh, I don’t know where, now. But, it’s great. Kudos!

  4. Why thank you Scott. If only it had to do with good food!

    HMH, I think you are absolutely right. And it is true that we must respect the pleasure associations of others, even if theirs are not ours. I’ll be emailing the Guerlain people in a moment. Who knows? Maybe they’ll send me a lifetime supply of disneyland, their latest, jauntiest, most California-like scent.

  5. Wowee! Thank you so much for recommending my blog. I’ve been enjoying visits from your brilliant readers. I just wish I could find more time somehow so I could read yours daily. Lately I’ve been spending more time painting and less time blogging (unless I’m procrastinating or suffering from the artist’s version of writer’s block and then I find blog viewing a most convenient way to avoid the blank canvas).

  6. Just one more question: is this Disneyland before, during or after a day of tourists? Summer or winter? I might even need to go and smell for myself, but that would mean having to take my shoes off in front of airport personnel. No smells of Disneyland there…

  7. Dear Bloglily, I was so busy reading everyone’s posts about planning and finding them oh so fascinating, I didn’t realize you had tagged me too! The irony is that I am currently grumbling over planning my 2008 reading. So perhaps I discovered the tag at an appropriate time after all?

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