All Packed Up With Somewhere to Go

I’m leaving in a little while for London, where I have heard the sun will actually be shining — for maybe 6 hours — when I arrive.  Here is my carry-on suitcase.  Naturally, the heaviest thing in there are the three comedies I’m bringing.  (I’ve got two others in my purse.) I am so looking forward to a long read on the plane, and a little time to collect my thoughts about London and how it will fit into the next book I am writing.

 Oh, and here is my travel tip of the day:  three ounces of fluids?  That’s a lot of liquid.  If you’re only going for a week, bring the size you get when you stay in hotels, which is about an ounce, maybe less.  You’ll be fine.  And if you run out of conditioner you can try Cam’s suggestion — go to the local pharmacy and buy some.  It’s an inexpensive way to partake of the flavor of the place you’re visiting. 

 While I’m in London, I plan to wear a lot of brown and black and green.  I am going to see some theater.  The History BoysMuch Ado About Nothing.  Maybe Shadowlands if I have time.  It is expensive there.  I will be eating hummus, energy bars and apples. 

When I return, I think it will feel more like spring, as Mandarine so smartly pointed out a few days ago. 


12 thoughts on “All Packed Up With Somewhere to Go

  1. Hey Rich, I’m glad to hear that. And I’m looking forward to being in the place where a surprising — and heartening — number of people care about commas and capitalization.

  2. Have a great time! Let me know if you’re in or around Bloomsbury where I work. I’ll send you a list of places where you can do better than an apple without spending your fare home…

  3. BL: Please do see Shadowlands, it’s the best play you can find on the West End. It’s fantastic, moving and magical. Charles Dance will blow you away.

    Oh, should you have time for a tea, let me know 🙂 The Cafe is gone though …

  4. Hey hey. I hath returned, after a lengthy absence and with a new interest. I have been studying architecture intently over the last year and a half. Check out my latest post if interested. I never did get those file folders, I moved shortly after our last communication. Hope all is well.

  5. Hello Emily — I’m looking forward to it and will be sure to make a full report.

    Well hello there Dr. Gonzo! I’ll be sure to check that out. Yes, those file folders came BACK to me — but I put them to good use, as I’m sure ou would have.

    Dear Ingrid — I was at Leicester Square today with my brother. We got, perfectly at random without knowing a thing about it, tickets to The Country Wife and we’re off to see it in about 45 minutes. Later in the week, I will definitely be seeing Shadowlands. It looks too good to pass up. And I hope we can meet up for tea. xo, L

    U-Dad — What a lovely offer. I don’t think apples will do the trick for very long either!

  6. Lilalia, I certainly will. We’ve just returned from The Country Wife, which was provocative and interesting and very funny, and there’s a lot to say about that. But now, to bed, as Pepys says, because I’ve been up for what feels like days.

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