A Tulip (or two) For You

Just like that, a whole week’s gone.   The waiting for rejections and the writing part of it is recorded here and here.  I wish I could say I’ve read, but I haven’t.  I’ve just noticed how beautiful it is when spring returns to the bay area.   Sometimes I wonder if I’ve stopped being a reader.  It’s so odd to think that might be the case, having read so much and for so long.


8 thoughts on “A Tulip (or two) For You

  1. Thank you for the beautiful tulips. Spring is nowhere in sight here in PA (although you can hear it s the birds twitter away each morning). You probably haven’t stopped being a reader. I went through a year or two in which I read maybe one book a month, which is highly unusual for me. Then, it came back to me with a vengeance.

  2. Edwin, yes we get the tulips AND spring, greedy Californians that we are. If it’s any consolation, we also get the traffic and earthquakes.

    Dear Emily, I’m glad to hear that. I’ll just think of myself as a dormant reader, like the hyacinths and the daffodils that’re waiting to spring up.

  3. No Spring here either, though it is suppose to be ‘spring-like’ tomorrow, whatever that means. Maybe it will be warm enough to melt the graying piles of snow. I think I will buy some tulips for my desk next week. If I can’t have Spring outside, maybe I can create a little inside.

  4. Thank you for the tulips. They are beautiful. Autumn is just beginning here and I have sudden urges to bury myself in books after a summer of near non-reading. Reading until 2;15am is not recommended, nor is missing meals, yet I did both last night. All because of a lady. Well, two ladies. Hanna Heath and her creator, Geraldine Brooks.

    Tonight I am re-reading a favourite author from the past, Hammond Innes.

  5. The tulips are lovely and hurray for spring! Even I went through a two-year period when I didn’t read very much. It’s okay – sometimes you have to just live life instead, and for a writer I should think that’s incredibly important. (It’s ok for a critic – you can just sit on a sofa somewhere and observe life going past!)

  6. Litlove, Living life! Sometimes it feels like life is in charge of me, not the other way around. I think the answer might be audiobooks. I do love being read to.

    Dear Archie, these sound like such good reads. I remember shelving a lot of Innes books at the Pierce County Public Library where I worked when I was a teenager. I always loved it that there were so many “I”‘s.

    Cam, Yes, indeed, bring it inside! xo

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