Warning: Shakespeare Ahead

In an effort to write my shortest blog post ever, and to keep myself (and you) amused, I’d like to report that the next thing I post is going to be called How to Read Shakespeare for Fun and Profit.  Stay tuned. 


10 thoughts on “Warning: Shakespeare Ahead

  1. Very nice, LK. A comment consisting entirely of a piece of punctuation is to be applauded and emulated. I am going to have to start awarding prizes for creative, abbreviated comments. In fact, I would like to announce that you have, officially, won a Best Comment That is Actually a Punctuation Mark Award. (And no, dear readers, a question mark will not do it.) E-mail me your mailing address and I will get it in the mail to you. It will be a small prize, but it will be meaningful, which is what I’m aiming for here in general.

    There will be other prizes, by the way, so have at it.

    My comment, by the way, gets the Longest, Windiest, Wordiest Comment Award. Except I work for the management and cannot win any awards, door prizes, booby prizes, or certificates of participation.

  2. I thought about filling up the comment text box with explanation marks in a shameless and uncreative effort to win the Longest Comment That is Actually a Series of Punctuation Marks.

    Or the Biggest Geek Comment award for either this:


    or this:


    (See wikipedia for explanation.)

    I’m jealous of LK’s comment (and prize) : -)

  3. Bang, Cam.

    You win the Punctuation For Those Who are Truly in the Know Award.

    E-mail me your address. Another small, but meaningful, token will wing its way in your direction forthwith. I mean, soon-ish.

  4. Oh, I don’t know Marie, that sounded like a very poetic response. Three lines. “Now I have performance anxiety” ‘is also a good hook.

    You get the “Poets Always Know What to Say” award. And I do mean it about the prize. E-mail me your address and it will be on its way to you. Small and kind of meaningful.

    Edwin, I agree. Fun and profit are my two favorite things. Like Ben and Jerry’s, they always promise something worth doing.

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