On Marriage

It’s a lovely day in San Francisco, a day so warm it feels like summer. A perfect day to issue an opinion, if you happen to be the California Supreme Court, in which you say that it’s no longer acceptable for the state to call committed, loving, gay relationships anything other than marriages.

The opinion’s here, on the court’s website. To find it, you just have to scroll down to “In Re Marriage Cases.”

Today I am so proud to live in California, and very proud of our court system.


11 thoughts on “On Marriage

  1. as a human being, i find this ruling great news; as a writer, i find it horrible.

    if gays and lesbians can marry and possibly achieve marital bliss, that means writers who are gay or lesbian who get married are that much less miserable, and won’t write as much or as well. it’s a fact!

    then again, many a stifling marriage spouted great fiction — just ask madame bovary.

  2. It’s a good day to be a human bean, bookfraud. Anyway, there’s still plenty to be miserable about and so plenty of fuel for good writing…

    Dark Orpheus, I think it is the beginning of something. Every time a powerful, relatively slow moving institution makes a shift, it makes it possible for other shifts to occur. Unfortunately, it is also the beginning of a different kind of battle over this issue in California. But that’s not something to focus on today.

    TJ, There were lots of rainbow flags being flown in the courthouse yesterday. And Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco who started the whole thing by telling the city clerks to start issuing marriage licenses to gay people, was one happy man, among many happy people.

    Marie, Sylvia, Debs, and SW, A good day indeed. One thing I love about the opinion is the way it says that it’s wrong to keep a whole group of people from having access to a single word “marriage.” I’d suggest, if you have a minute, reading the opinion. It seemed pretty accessible to me, and worth looking at.

  3. hey, bloglily, thanks for the link. have downloaded it to send to my dad (since he wrote a judgement on gay marriages here in SA). My eyes tend to glaze over on the first page of those judgements but the principle’s good.

  4. You know, Pete, I think when I have a chance over the weekend, I might post some excerpts. There’s good stuff in there, although the eyes do indeed glaze after about five minutes.

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