‘Fess Up Friday

Thoughts about my writing week are over here. And be sure to check out litlove’s post about her week of thinking about and working on her new book about mothering.

If you are feeling the need to do some confessing (whining, moaning, bragging, fantasizing are all okay too!) about your writing week, go sign up at the Literate Kitten‘s blog. I like reading these posts. They’re fun and inspiring.

And one other thing:  You’ll notice there are a lot of pages at the top of my blog.  I’ve added a new one called “Reading.”  It’s a list of what I’m reading, with some notes about why I’m reading what I am and what I find there.  Much of my reading is related to my writing — for example, I’ve been thinking a lot about short stories, and about clean, clear, third person narratives (which is what I aim for).  The Collected Stories of Wallace Stegner (and I picked up Recapitulation for good measure) seemed to speak to that.  My next novel has a lot of echoes of Shakespearean comedy, and the only one I haven’t re-read recently is The Taming of the Shrew, so I checked that out.  If you’re interested in this sort of thing, that page will be updated every few days.


9 thoughts on “‘Fess Up Friday

  1. I almost signed up a second ago… I think I will. But I most certainly can’t do a post tonight because, guess why? This week I didn’t write a single word. *sob*

    Next week I must do better.

  2. I love your post for this week’s ‘Fess Up Friday—your fictional character Olivia, the connections to Shakespeare on love, your own happiness (how wonderful!) and how much joy is available to us right now, right where we are. Just lovely. Thank you! TJ

  3. Hi TJ — I’m so glad you visited. It’s Saturday morning, and I’m about to go and check out other blogs, including yours, to see how the writing’s going (before I head over to William’s school fair, after having first made brownies.) And then the afternoon is a real writing afternoon. I hope yours is fabulous too!

    Hey Nova, I think getting your computer back and dealing with a little post traumatic stress issue about its unreliability is quite enough! I’m glad you’re going to do this and am looking forward to hearing how it’s going.

  4. Hello litlove, I like those pages! They’re a good place to record things, and because they’re not front and center, they feel freer somehow to write in.

    Emily, I’m with you on Stegner. It’s not just that he writes that simple, straight on prose, although that’s pretty wonderful in itself. But the things and places he writes about are ones I care about a lot: marriage, the west, the past. I’ve just posted something about the first story in that “reading” page, but think there’s much, much more to say about Stegner and the short story.

  5. Thanks for fess up Friday. I was interested in your Shakespeare posts as well. There are many “prompt” sites on the internet, suggesting people write stories or poems based on a word or string of words. I have recently started doing that with books, and I just posted two poems with Shakespeare prompts, one from MacBeth and one a sonnet Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s day and it was so much fun because I know using those words in a poem, I will never forget them. Those are on my Poet Mouse blog which is linked ot my main blog

  6. Ben — Oh, I’m glad to hear that. I’m looking forward to reading it. xo, L

    WR — That sounds so interesting, and I’m just going to go over to your poetmouse blog right now to check it out.

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