Summer Pleasures: Design Blogs and Iced Coffee

(This photo comes from Infusion Cofee & Tea — a great Philadelphia cafe.)

It’s very hot here in San Francisco today. I mean, relatively hot, if you really think about it, because it is obviously much hotter most places right now than it will ever get here. We are weather wimps in the Bay Area. Still, it is almost 100 degrees out there, or it will be soon and we are not in any way, shape, or form prepared for that. I have a big work project and am feeling such malaise — it’s the price of gas, I’m pretty sure that makes me feel very Ford and Carter-era today.

Back then, though, there were no design blogs, just a wild combination of orange and avocado and Nixon’s resignation to keep you from sinking into despair as the lines at the gas pump got longer and longer. (I know, I know — those things did not happen at exactly the same time. But I was a kid, and they all seemed to blur into each other.) Anyway, the answer to a little mid-summer malaise is, obviously, a summer pleasure, which I think of as something that doesn’t ask a lot of you, but does inject some life into your too-hot-to-move-very-fast day. Today’s summer pleasure is the design blog. These are blogs without a lot of words. There’s something beautifully orderly about these blogs — they don’t take on big things, but every once in a while, a photograph of a bunch of handkerchiefs somebody found on ebay makes everything in my life work just fine.

Here they are, in case you’re looking for that kind of thing. But really, come to think of it, all you really need is a couple of links — the first being one of my favorites. I like this blog because every once in a while this woman does something I love (in this case, it’s the recipe for iced coffee). Go over to the orange blog, and then just poke around in her blog roll. I mean, if you’re into pictures of fabric, and iced coffee and ebay coffee pots.

And an update on the author, author interviews: I’m putting together my first of these, which I think is best done in the form of a questionnaire, because then the writer gets a chance to think things over. Actually, how else would you do this? I guess I could try podcasting it, but man, that is so out of my league, tech-wise.

Now, go check out: How about Orange and then, while you’re at it, a little Design * Sponge

And here’s another, thanks to litlove:  tasting rhubarb.  Lovely images, fine writing.

And oh, oh, oh, how could I have not put this up too:  It’s Jana (of Jana’s Sketchbook) new blog:  A Postcard a Day

Tomorrow (or, you know, a few days) there will be more summer pleasures.


14 thoughts on “Summer Pleasures: Design Blogs and Iced Coffee

  1. Lily! I love, love, love design blogs, especially those about home design. It’s like getting zillions of free magazines, all at your fingertips. Stay cool baby.

  2. I’m going to try that recipe tonight! 90 is Very Hot around here, and 100 is a crazy rare extreme that makes you think the earth was blasted by space rays. So I feel for you.

    Those design blogs are beautiful.

  3. Rhian, I will be doing the same. It sounds very good — and I like the idea of the whole thing sitting around for 12 hours and becoming some kind of magical, delicious coffee goo. (Except that sounds less than delicious. Still….)

    You know Debby, you’re right about that — they’re like free magazines, only better because there’s no paper to waste. I’m working on the cool, but so far have only managed tepid.

  4. I have a bit of that summer malaise going on (although certainly not because of heat!). But design blogs sounds like a lovely idea. I’d like to promote Tasting Rhubarb here (can’t remember the URL – it’s in my blogroll) which isn’t exactly a design blog but has gorgeous photographs.

    Here’s to a cool breeze coming your way soon, dear BL!

  5. Hi Lily, Just discovered your blog and love what you’re doing. That iced coffee picture worked — it’s awfully hot and humid here on the east coast too. Like these design blogs – a picture’s worth a thousand words?

  6. Hi Joanne, and welcome. I was in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago and MAN it was indeed hot and humid. But it was still lovely to be there.

    Hey litlove, Tasting Rhubarb — I’m headed over. And here’s to a warm breeze your way.

  7. Lily, I don’t get around much anymore – but when I do – when me and the Mrs. get dressed up in our internet best – we are always richly rewarded by a trip to BlogLily.

    PS That is a sumptuous looking coffee and Philly is an awesome place to be.

  8. La di da, there, qazse… that’s pretty funny.

    But the main point of appreciation here is bloglily’s information on cold-brewed coffee… I consider myself a coffee-hound of sorts, and I never heard of this. Thanks Lily, I will try this out.


  9. BL, when I lived in Japan, ice coffee, and I mean, really yummy ice coffee was everywhere. When friends visit from Tokyo, I ask them to hoard bags and stuff their suitcases with it so I can make it here. The beans and grains are somewhat different from regular coffee, I guess. Yours looks pretty yummy…I’ve been reading design*sponge for ages. I’m amazed at how much goes up at that site on a daily basis. My only qualm about DS is that a lot of the same designers are highlighted. Did I just say something slightly negative? Oh, now I’m going to be blacklisted…

  10. I have gone ALL week without coffee. Then I looked at your blog. So I’m going to make a date of it tonight – a fancy-iced coffee somthing at B&N…and book browsing (husband is in TX at major conference so doing the “artist date” thing!)

  11. Oh Ms. Gentlereader, what a great tip! I’ve seen bloesem, and like it very much also.

    Oh, oh! That sounds like a really, truly great evening. I hope you had a lovely time.

    Mari — I know what you mean. There’s a certain sort of retrohip look, one that’s hard to put your finger on, sort of a seventies redux thing going on. I’d like to find other, wilder things, but I’m not having much luck. (And then there is YOUR wonderful blog, with the great cookie designs, including today’s for bastille day, which is another one of those blog pleasures I save up for a bad day.)

    Hi Mike — I know, Q gets carried away. But we love him so…. Let me know how the iced coffee turns out, okay?

    Hey Q — You ARE the dude, you know that, don’t you?

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