A Few Days Gone

I’m going away for a few days — to Manhattan Beach for a conference.  I’ll be back Wednesday.  It was fun to pack books — I’m bringing Tobias Wolff’s collection of stories called The Night in Question. I’m also bringing The Intuitionist, which I’m half way through.  I’m not sure how much I like it, but it’s very different, and I’ve been thinking I need to be a little more open-minded about my fiction reading.

It’ll be good to take a break.  Even though I don’t write here every day, I think about writing here every day.  Sometimes that’s too much thinking!   See you in a couple of days.


3 thoughts on “A Few Days Gone

  1. Manhattan Beach is conjuring up wonderful images in my mind. I do hope you get to sprawl on the beach a bit (or walk, whichever gives you more pleasure) as well as attend the conference. I love Tobias Wolff and you remind me I should read more by him.

  2. I love Tobias, too. His fiction is glorious. But it’s his Vietnam memoir, In Pharaoh’s Army, that I can’t forget. A heartbreaking, funny, brilliant book.

  3. Tai — Oh, I’ve been wanting to read that. This collection of stories is quite good, but it feels dated somehow. I wish I had more time to really think about reactions like that, and do something more than just note them.

    Hello litlove, The closest I got to the Pacific was a really fun evening in Venice, at James’ Beach, a restaurant about a block away from the ocean. The rest of the time: inside, no windows, environmental law.

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