A Week at the Lazy S

We’ve been staying at the Lazy S Lodge, in South Lake Tahoe this week. It’s been perfect for all of us — we all love Tahoe, although for different reasons. My husband went to high school up here, and ski raced in the winter and worked at a boat rental place in the summer. This is his home, in a way, and he is perfectly at ease with things I find utterly foreign, like jumping off cliffs into icy cold water. I think it’s just the best thing for him, to spend a week here with his three boys, initiating them into that kind of thing. We’re leaving later today.

Right now, they are all out on the boat — William’s driving it, something he cannot actually believe he gets to do, given how much noise it makes and how satisfyingly fast it goes. Jack and Charlie are doing all the things you can do behind a boat driven by your younger brother, all of which are pretty fun for them, because they involve going really fast and occasionally falling off into the icy cold lake. It astonishes me that anyone would like that, but it’s absolutely clear that they do.

Me? Well, I like the way the wind sounds in the aspens when you hike up a trail, and I do like how cool it is at night, even after a very hot day. I love it that it’s fine for me to be alone sometimes when they jump off cliffs are go out on the Lake. The boys? I think they love it all — the cliffs, the lake, the boat, even the hiking. They’ve also really been into watching the Olympics (we are big fans of beach volleyball, and all of us agree that maybe they didn’t need to show quite so many diving events).

Last night, at William’s suggestion, we playing miniature golf at Magic Carpet Golf.  We each competed on behalf of a country. W was Senegal, in honor of our wonderful Senagalese friends, Jack was China, because he was pretty sure that’d secure him the gold, Charlie was France, and conducted himself in the cheesiest French accent since Steve Martin was Inspector Clouseau, William was the United States, for obvious reasons. Me? I was Canada. I didn’t expect to win, but I was pretty sure I wouldn’t embarrass myself. I did win, in fact, hitting two miraculous holes in one, which shocked everyone, including me. It’s always like that when Canada wins, isn’t it?


10 thoughts on “A Week at the Lazy S

  1. Susan, it’s now become an official destination for every subsequent trip up here. The trouble is that we are very, very competitive, and every single one of us had a meltdown (well, not my husband) while playing. When it took me six shots to get the ball into the hole on the Old Woman in the Shoe hole, I was really beside myself. Fortunately, the family right behind us was even worse, with a lot of screaming and throwing of bodies to the ground and feet kicking. Well, maybe they weren’t even worse. Their children, after all, were six and four and we are a family of 13, 13, and (nearly) 9. Not to mention me: a Grown Woman.

  2. was jack an <16 y.o. women’s gymnast? that’s why he didn’t win the gold as china.

    i wish you hadn’t mentioned canada winning. i’m returning from a week in canada with the in-laws, who insisted upon watching canadian tv olympics coverage. which means: canada wins a bronze in synchronized nose picking! wall-to-wall coverage of the canadian synchronized nose-picking team! 500 replays! 50 versions of watching the bronze medalists get their bronze medal!

    i’m just jealous because i love mini-golf and i spent the week hunkered over my computer.

  3. Lily! Your vacay sounds like so much fun, especially the jumping into cold water. Your boys are lucky to have such a place to go, and to have a Dad who loves Tahoe and wants to share it with them. I had to laugh about your comments about watching the Olympics though. I just talked to AG the other day, and she was telling me how she thought beach volleyball was silly, and how she didn’t think it should be an Olympic sport. Funny. They just got back from Italy, where their kids were none too pleased to have to watch the Olympics in Italian (and with the emphasis on Italian athletes~are there any?). Anyway, I can’t wait to spend some time at the Lazy S, perhaps next year. I remember seeing it last summer when we were in Tahoe; if I had know it was W’s family, I would have stopped by.
    I’m so glad to hear you’ve had a lovely vacation. It sounds fun. Even the jumping into cold water! ESPECIALLY jumping into the cold water.
    Hi to all and xoxoxo to you, Debs

  4. A lovely piece and picture that capture “why we need to get away from it all with our families”…when else can we entice everyone into playing games (miniature golf, CLUE, cards, etc) and laugh out loud?

  5. Gentle Reader, I am so glad to hear that! The Lazy S is wonderful. It also owned by my mother-in-law, so if you stay there, you will be identified as My Friend, which might actually entitle you to, say, a better than average ping pong paddle.

    Oh, i’d like to say, however, that no one would play Bananagrams with me, because i always win, and so we had to make do with mini-golf and a few games of ping pong, which on the whole, wasn’t bad.

    Debby, Then you will have to jump in the cold water with them. I will take a picture from dry land.

    Marie, I think I did Canada proud.

  6. Bookfraud — well, he IS 13. I’ll try to break it to him gently that he should have tried gymnastics. Minigolf clearly favors the elderly.

    Litlove, We did. And I hope your own break is a restorative one.

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