I’m pretty sure it is obvious what I think about the nomination of Sarah Palin to the vice presidency.  I’m trying to stay calm about everything in my life, so, I won’t even go there.  But I did think it would be fun to do one minute of free association about her nomination — oh, about the whole campaign really — and see what comes to mind.  

  •  Bridge to Somewhere before it went somewhere else
  • lipstick fakeout
  • OMG, she looks like my college roommate — who I’m afraid is going to vote for McCain!
  • Is it possible men will vote for Palin and McCain because Palin looks like my college roommate, who’s as cute as a button?  But my college roommate is ‘way smarter than Sarah Palin — I’d vote for my roommate in a second.  Come to think of it, why isn’t my roommate  McCain’s running mate?  Oh.  It wouldn’t matter, would it?  I mean, I wouldn’t vote for my roommate even if she was on the ticket with McCain, even though I love her, but still….
  • that’s what happens when you say, “under no circumstances may you have sex with that boy”
  • f**ing redneck.  do boys really say things like that about themselves with pride?  What on earth do their parents say about themselves with pride?
  • someone needs to send that librarian a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolate and a really, really big gift certificate to buy whatever the heck she wants to buy book-wise.  Powells books should get right on this.  I’ll donate.
  • Obama is, quite possibly, the coolest man in America.  He can handle this.
Okay.  That was one minute, typing fast while Jack asked me a bunch of questions on a completely unrelated topic.

24 thoughts on “Lipstick

  1. – Sarah Palin delivered a good speech and had good speech writers, but why won’t she take questions and talk to the press. Maybe lipstick is the difference between her and Dick Cheney.

    – The press needs to stop focusing on her — she is not the issue; the War, the Economy, healthcare, taxes, jobs, the global marketplace, climate change are the issues. This is what they want; we should not let them change the focus.

    – We can’t be afraid of her sudden folkhero status. It’s just celebrity ephemera; it will disappear as soon as the campaign is over.

    – If John McCain won’t let her talk now, what kind of a voice will she have in Washington if McCain is elected? The VP isn’t suppose to be the 2nd First Lady.

    – Palin has the resources to assist in raising 5 kids: a stay at home dad, family nearby, resources to afford outside help if necessary, including any sort of special needs might be needed by her differently-abled son. I was touched that she referred to him as her ‘perfect, beautiful child’; anyone who has worked/lived/loved a Downs Syndrome child understands what a joy they can be *despite* the challenges. But, my concern is that Palin will perpetuate the view that every woman in America can do the same SuperMom job, and that government help, family leave, etc., are not needed. This scares the crap out of me because most of middle America don’t have the resources to do this. A severly disabled child for most Americans means nightmarish juggling of schedules, dr appts, school consultations, physical therapy, exhorbitant medical bills, while trying to maintain jobs (when care often isn’t available for the entire work day), deal with the needs of other children, and hoping for 2 hours of ‘respite’ care every couple of months. For those whose families don’t live nearby to help, it is even more dire.

    – While I think that the Rightwing Roveans are hypocritical in insisting that Palin’s church is off limits when they attacked Obama’s so fervently, I think Obama was a class-act today when he said that we shouldn’t question the specifics of one’s personal faith and suggested that we get back to the issues.

    (Sorry if I took up too much space with this comment.)

  2. Cool as can be… And you are vastly more generous than I. A minute of free association on this ridiculousity from me would, I fear, result in a blather of f-bombs and unintelligible (and somewhat catty) tirades against hair-pilin’, lip-glossin’, rimless-framin, flyat-talkin’, g-droppin’, baby-bouncin’, pageant-wavin’, prevaricatin’ cynical, snide, disingenuous opportunism.

    But really, don’t get me started.

    I took my daughter tonight to her first political meeting. She is five. She rocked the house. She understands, apparently, that some of the nation’s grownups have taken leave of their sanity, and must be stopped. We are on a mission. We have yard signs.

  3. Elizabeth, you make me laugh. You need to have your own show, radio, tv, podcast, whatever. Here’s to the yard signs and the five year olds — they will change the world. xo

    Cam, That is exactly what this space is for. Have at it.

  4. you are all funnee as heck. Elizabeth, you forgot wolf-aerial-hunting, pentecostal-tongue-talking, ambition-before-kids, moose-hunting-loving, anti-globalwarming be-otch. but i understand, it’s difficult to educate a 5 year old on the treachery of the world while writing wise prose!

    Sistas, jokes aside, please, please, do all you can to make sure these fanatics do not get into the white house.

    in the democratic spirit,

  5. It was fun asking my mother–a Stanford-educated erstwhile Clintonista who is a passionate rose gardener, a lactation consultant, and master knitter who works at a yarn shop in Mendocino and who, like Sarah Palin, has raised five kids–if McCain’s choice of a running mate would cause her to vote with the GOP in November.

    Her response was something like: (cackle, snort) “HA! HELL NO!”

    Anyone who thinks that Palin will appeal en masse to Clinton’s supporters probably hasn’t stopped by the Mendocino Yarn Shop to talk to my mom.


  6. Last election, when we were thinking about moving overseas, I was sure that Bush wouldn’t be re-elected. This time, I am all, “People want a Democrat in the White House! They’ve learned! Things will get better!”

    If I am wrong again, I am thinking about washing my hands of the whole America thing and staying an expatriate forever. Really. (I mean, I may have to, if the dollar keeps sinking).

  7. Glad you brought humour to the situation. I’m completely astonished at this twist in the narration that has had a lot of twists up until now. Ms. Palin wouldn’t even be my choice for head of PTA. She scares the bejeebies out of me.

  8. I am petrified of this election. Of course, the first time I ever voted in my life the person I thought had won and wanted to win didn’t win for reasons I still don’t understand, and then the second time I voted in my life the same guy got “reelected.” So, not to be negative… but I’m very nervous about what’s going to happen come November.

    I will be voting with great excitement and hope for Obama.

  9. When my 2 yr old son puts his shoes on the wrong feet because he insists on doing it himself, that’s cute. When people in power do it, not so much.

    Sarah Palin’s nomination simply confirms for me that McCain is not the man I thought he was 8+ years ago.

  10. What you aren’t voting for McCain? 🙂

    As I’ve said elsewhere, Palin flat out terrifies me – it’s the religious extremism, the hypocrisy, the lack of interest in the rest of the planet.

    And the effect on the polls? Baffling.

  11. She scares me also.
    I can’t believe McCain thinks women would vote for her just because she is a woman. Oh wait, she is the most qualified person he could find to be his V.P. My 16 year old son can see how transparent his choice was why can’t the rest of America.

  12. of course there will be men who will vote for mccain-palin because she’s kinda cute. i mean, if she weren’t do you think john “i’m a serial cheater with a thing for younger ladies” mccain would have picked her in the first place?

    we can bemoan how dangerous sarah palin is, and how voting for mccain-palin is outright insane, but lots of people enthusiastically cast their ballot for bush — twice. most people vote with their gut (and prejudices, “feelings,” and other non-rational criteria) instead of their brains.

    as in “even though i’ve lost my job to india, have no health insurance, my house has been foreclosed upon, i’ve lost family in the iraqi war, seen al-queda regroup and become stronger than ever, and have watched the constitution get trashed while our personal freedoms are eliminated, i’m going to vote for mccain because i have a bad feeling about obama. mccain makes me feel safe.”

    and those aren’t even the closet racists or out-of-the-closet fundamendalists.

  13. Thank God for your entry. Phew. Geez. What a relief. People have to talk/blog about this election more.

    It DOES worry me that guys think she’s “cute.”
    “Cute” and a look that says Lenscrafter advertisement does not a vice president make.

    I have to shut up, or I’ll use up all the allowable space here.

    I’m going to try the one-minute on Palin thing now.

  14. Oh, Lily, thank you for this! It cheers me up just to read this, when I am trying not to quake in my boots! When McCain first chose Palin, I thought, “Wow! Why is he just throwing the election away like that? She can’t POSSIBLY be seen as a leader!” But as the days have gone on and the polls have bounced, I have to keep reminding myself that most people are basically sane, and that this bounce is just because she’s new, and it will fade, this won’t end up the way it looks right now. But…wow, its hard not to be scared, huh?
    Aliceacademic, I LOVE that! And isn’t it amazing how much better it makes us feel? I tell you, these days when I see Obama on television (last night he was on Letterman) and he looks so relaxed and so smart and so capable…and then seeing Sarah Palin, with her shrill, insistent voice and deer-in-the-headlights defensiveness as Charlie Gibson asked her questions—well, then I think it will all be all right. The American people aren’t stupid, despite the fact that George Bush is our president. (He WAS only elected once, after all!)

  15. The only creature in our house who didn’t get worked up about Palin was our dog. He explains why shortly…Me? I’m trying to keep cool. Not doing as well as you. I was appalled listening to her interview with Charlie Gibson tonight. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about!!! Sounded more like the finalist in a beauty contest than a, well, presidential running mate. Well, like my mother said recently: “Oh, come now. We here in DC have known that McCain lost his mind. At least a few years ago.” cheers.

  16. Thanks for the much-needed humor on the subject. Sarah Palin makes me so mad I could just spit! But I am trying to remain calm…
    Love Aliceacademic’s link, too. Going to show it to my husband now!

  17. Me? I’m so depressed by the fact that the (so-called “liberal”) press is jumping all over her and drawing so much attention to her that I can barely manage to talk about it. Here are my two big questions (worthy of a blog post, I’m sure):

    1. If Chelsea Clinton had wound up pregnant at age 17, is there any way on earth, given the way the Republicans work, that Bill could ever have served two terms as president?

    2. How on earth do the Republicans manage to paint Sarah Palin out as a Saint (yes, with a capital “S”), because her teenaged-daughter is pregnant, and get away with it?

  18. I’d like to chip in for the librarian’s flowers and chocolates! And I agree that we need to talk more about all this in the blogs, if only to shore one another up. I’m off to do my “minute” on Palin. But first, here’a a bit of cheer I’m clinging to:

    I’ve learned over the last couple of days that polls are unreliable for many reasons (and not only in the partisan ways you might think). First, pollsters contact equal numbers of those likely to vote Democrat and Republican, but in fact there are 12% more Democrats than Republicans. Second, polls are generally taken via land bound phone lines, but a significant number of people under the age of 25 (a huge chunk of Obama’s base, including both my own children) rely exclusively on cell phones, hence do not have published “home” phone numbers at which to be contacted). Third, these polls generally interview previously registered voters, so they cannot account for the millions of voters who are registered for the first time this year, and those voters lean heavily toward Obama. Now…let’s just hope they vote! ~sadie.

  19. Dear All,

    I’m so sorry to have been MIA this week — but I want to say that all of you hearten me — those who left comments and those who left those mental comments I happen to be able to pick up on!

    There’s more to say — and more that needs to be said — about this whole election. It’s quite possibly the most important election I can remember. So, it should be spoken about, don’t you think?

  20. Palin scares me. And people who think that there is nothing wrong about her nomination distress me a little bit.

    Emily’s point #2 about St. Palin is exactly on the mark. It is really amazing what spin can do.

  21. Oh, bloglily! A heartfelt thanks from America’s Heartland to you for the existence of your blog. I was starting to think that every one in the world is getting all their information from Fox News and 30 second political ads. Of course that is all the truth, isn’t it? The unspoken truth around this neck of the redneck woods is that a lot of people around here can’t bring themselves to vote for a (whisper) black man. All of sudden, they are finally coming to their senses and realizing that the wrinkly old dude and his — oh my, I am in complete subjucated awe of all the wonderful adjectives describing the erstwhile beauty Queen of Alaska — vindictive running mate are way too scary.

    Thank you for injecting a breath of fresh air and realism into my day.

  22. Ms. HMH — I’m staying away from the political blogs for a little while. They were making my chest hurt. But I did just spend a couple of days in a hotel in Sacramento on a conference and MAN — what is up with the news??? I don’t watch tv news, but I watched enough of it to decide that if I did have a TV I totally would not be watching that stuff. It’s bad for the body AND the body politic. Maybe I’ll write about that sometime.

    Polaris, It’s good to see it all settling down. People — many people — figure this stuff out after they have a chance to think it over.

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