Author, Author: Ingrid van Vliet

Ingrid van Vliet, who writes the wonderful London-centric blog, The Girl in the Cafe, is a screenwriter, film maker, photographer and artist.   Her first short film, SweetArts, is looking for a producer.  Ingrid was born in the  Netherlands, lived in Denmark for 10 years and then moved to London in  2006. She likes writing, taking pictures and making quirky postcards. She drinks her Yorkshire tea the Milky Way. 

How’s your work coming along these days?  What have you recently sent out into the world?


Why do you suppose people want to know where you get your ideas? 


 The business of being a writer – finding an agent, placing stories and poems in literary journals, getting a publisher to buy your stuff – can be difficult to navigate.  What do you wish you’d known starting out?


How do you balance the rest of your life with your writing life?


Talk about the films you’ve loved.


Do you think most writing is autobiographical?


 What other jobs have you had, besides your job as a writer?

Here is where scripts are written:


14 thoughts on “Author, Author: Ingrid van Vliet

  1. Dear Mari, It is legible isn’t it? And European. I love sketchbooks.

    Hey OP, Ingrid does that — surprises, I mean.

    Hello Marie, It’s so nice to be blogging again, with the help of Ingrid’s lovely handwriting and sweet pictures. I wouldn’t know how to go about writing for the screen, but I like knowing people hwo do.

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  3. This is fascinating. It’s so wonderful to see the way other authors work…and I LOVE that desk. It looks like a very creative place to work. (I don’t think it needs tidying at all!)

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