The Paradise Cafe


Here at the Paradise Cafe in Baja, where we have been coming for smoothies and wireless internet for the last four days since we arrived, the two nods to Christmas are (a) a small sign on the door announcing that you can buy mistletoe on the 23rd (oops, we missed it) and kiss your sweetie (still time for that), and (b) … I guess there is no (b).  No Christmas carols, no santas, not a lot of stuff in the stores, not a lot of decorations.  It’s lovely — like being on a very healthy eating plan.  The absence of Christmas blare is amazing.  It’s very good for children.  We had a small present-opening morning on Thursday and then they all left to do things that were more fun than help their parents pack their car to drive down to Mexico.  (Charlie went to school — because it’s a party day.   Jack and William sang at a holiday party in Sacramento, where Arnold Schwarzenegger handed out hannukah gelt in a slightly grumpy way, which I liked hearing about.  He’s also not as tall as they thought.)  

We drove down last Friday morning, stopping in San Diego for a party and then after a huge, increasingly insane drive down the Baja peninsula that lasted 23 hours (note to ourselves:  don’t ever do that again), we arrived at Los Barrilles where, basically, there’s not a lot to do besides kiss under the mistletoe, and eat fish.  

It’s a nice little town.  People come down here to fish and windsurf.  Baja midnight occurs at about 10 p.m.  It took me three days to stop making lists.  

I hope you’ve stopped making lists too, and are about to settle into a beautiful holiday — no matter where you are, the whole paradise thing is, without a doubt, inside.


17 thoughts on “The Paradise Cafe

  1. How restful! How healthy! Sounds like a fabulous way to have a completely different holiday season. Have a wonderful time, all the Bloglilies and warmest wishes for a fantastic 2009.

  2. Merry Christmas Dear Lily!! Glad to hear you’re having a nice time in Mexico and that W is getting in lots of windsurfing and activities. I’m up here at Mom & Dad’s (with Harlan), and the whole gang is coming over for food and drink. Now, if I can get my Mom to relax, all will be well.

    Have a fun time and a safe drive home and I’ll see you in the new year!


  3. A quick whoosh in from the Australian desert to wish you and yours all the best for the holiday season and hopes for a wonderful new year. One of the minuses of being where I am at the moment is the lack of time I have to visit my friends blogs. I have a choice, keep my blog running or visit. It really is a time thing. Maybe in six months when I return to a civilised life I will be able to catch up.

  4. And to you also Marie. It has really been a non-xmas. Which is just lovely. xo, L

    Pauline, A wonderful holiday to you (and your sweet little new one) too!

    Dear Archie, It’s the same with me — and I’m thrilled you stopped by. I’ll be here in six months, and, like you, maybe I’ll be finding more time to visit. xo until then, L

    Becca, I can report that it took me four days to arrive after we arrived, but it’s really great to finally be in a place where I feel so relaxed and happy. It’s all the smoothies, I’m pretty sure.

    Dear Debby, And the same wishes to you! It’s going to be a terrific, simple year next year I’m pretty sure. I’m sure your mom will feel calmer when the turkey’s on the table. xoxo

    Thank you Victoria. Right now the bloglilies are digging a REALLY big hole in the sand with six other children and are really, really happy.

    Jade — it’s was really fun meeting ls — I enjoyed hanging out at the Asian Art Museum and talking books and writing. and yes, it would be wonderful to meet up sometime soon. I have the feeling you live practically next door to me.

    Lisa, And the same to you. One thing I’m looking forward to next year is putting up that great interview you did with me, and to hearing more about how your books are coming along.

    Lokesh, I cannot tell you how much your friendly and inspiring presence means to me — I’m wishing you all that and more in the new year — with much love, L

    Hey Ms. Mum — We’ve been stretching out on the sand, and I’m thinking that the new year is going to include some yoga for me. I’m tired of feeling creaky when I get up in the morning! xoxo, L

  5. Oh, it was such a pleasure to read about this Christmas of yours, when I’m having to go into detox to recover from my Christmas, I’m sure! You describe it so charmingly. Happy New Year to you and the bloglily family! Much love!

  6. Happy New Year to you too, dear Sandi. It’s going to be a wonderful year. And — just to give you fair warning — I think I’m going to be in New Haven in February, so I hope I can see you then, and drink some hot drinks and talk about all there is to talk about. xoxoxox, Lily

    I thought so, Jade! We’ll have to work out a way to meet up.

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