Slow Blogging (or, My Google Feed Reader has Taken Over My Life)

My GAWD!  Slow down the blogging!  I got  home from a weekend of cross-country skiing (okay:  confession:  we only skied one day.  I had to get home.  My google feed reader was shouting at me to come and see what it had waiting for me) and there were hundreds of new posts waiting to be read.  Wonderful posts.    Posts I am so happy to read.

It’s spring out there in blogland — all that snow is melting and the blog posts are pushing their heads up like mad, reviewing books, commenting on politics, talking about writing, taking photos of the throw pillows they’ve put on their couch, showing me ways to combine tough jeans with girly tops, reminding me that there are a million ways to go green save the earth stop wasting gas raise my children listen to music watch movies  ….. aaaagh.

Still, even though there is a lot of wonderfulness out there right now, it’s also a little overwhelming.  I’m thinking there needs to be a  Slow Blogging movement, some kind of pact among those who feel like it’s required that they post every day — a pact that it’s okay to  post less often and spend more time sitting around and chatting with our families, and making slow pots of soup, and watching stuff bloom.   Unless, of course, you post every day because you love it.  And if that’s the case, I will always be here to read it.    But I think it would be acceptable to many if the posting is less frequent.   I don’t want to read fewer blogs, you see.  I’d like to read every blog on my blogroll, and new ones besides.  But if there were fewer posts, then I’d have more time to leave longer and better comments.  More time to read the things people talk about.  More time to cook the soup someone’s just described.  

SO — Slow Bloggers of the World, maybe sometime we could unite and slow down.  I’m not in a hurry for that to happen.  I’m here for the duration — but it seems like things will last longer if they don’t move quite so fast.  I know that’s not physically true, but it’s sort of metaphysically true, don’t you think?


25 thoughts on “Slow Blogging (or, My Google Feed Reader has Taken Over My Life)

  1. I’m glad to hear about the unrepentant part. My Movement is geared more towards those who would like to slow down, but don’t realize they could do so and it would be not just okay, but part of a world-wide, let’s not feel guilty about not doing too much, kind of thing. God forbid (sorry, GAWD forbid), I should be seen as trying to staunch the flow of Archieisms and the spread of Archieology, which sometimes is the only thing that can make me feel like All Will be Okay. So, dude, keep talking.

  2. I had already slowed down, and was feeling guilty about it. So thanks for helping me to dispense with that bit of silliness with your very promising new movement. Count me in!

  3. I had slowed down for a while, and I hate to say it, but I’m probably going to be picking up again for a while. However, I’d like everyone else to slow down, because I, like you, want to have time to read every post that everyone writes. How’s that for being a hypocrite?

  4. I am slowing down, but also reincarnating myself! This is the blogger formerly known as Yogamum, just letting some of my favorite blogger pals know that I am blogging over at a new place (see link above)!

  5. Kate, I have counted you in. Officially. Which, fortunately, is the work of a moment. All you have to do is type the word “officially.”

    Oh, blogger formerly known as y-mum, I’m thrilled to hear this. Reincarnation fits in beautifully with the Movement.

    Ben, post haste. I mean.. sure, sometime. xo

    Emily — Frequent blogging is fine and good from those who do it because they love it and now have a little more time to devote to it. I look forward to reading what you have to say. (Also, I am going to see about those 25 influences. you know, at some point!) It is Guilt-Driven Frequent Blogging that should go the way of the Big Mac, don’t you think?

  6. I’m with on the slow blogging – I post when I’m moved to or when I feel like it and not because I feel I should. Right now, life has taken over and I’m not blogging at all. So I’m one less blogger to read!

  7. Amen! A noble cause. There was a time when it seemed natural to blog ever day. And, I did have stories to tell and ideas I wanted to explore. Now, I have shifted down to a lower gear, hoping I won’t lose my readers. That was my greatest fear in slowing down. But, you are right, if we are in this for the long run, take it slow, enjoy the ride.

  8. First thing, I love your blog (been following it since last summer). You’re right about Slow Blogging. I think there’s a balance to strike…to keep a blog fresh and entertaining, yet not feeling as though doing a post every day is an obligation. I think it becomes easy to constantly update your blog if you have a dedicated readership too. Anyway just my two cents. Keep up the good work.

  9. I’m a slow blogger anyway. Sporadic and slow. I’m just happy anyone has the patience to keep checking to see if I’m still around!
    I love your blog, by the way, no matter how often you post 🙂

  10. Oh. YOu mean it is okay to be a slow blogger? I have been feeling guilty if I miss posting. There is so MUCH going on! I want to share it all! I simply can’t, though.

    So, now, I’m off. I’m going to go slow blog around my garden. TTFN

  11. I was just thinking about this last night. I am suffering from major eye strain at the moment from spending too much time on the computer. I’m going to have to slow down whether I want to or not. I need to remember that slowing down is ok.

  12. Stefanie, That sounds quite difficult. It’s also very difficult to step away — there are so many good things out there to read on the screen, and it’s hard to stop after just a few. One thing I’ve found is true when you post less often is that you also have more time to follow and think about the comments people leave. And so the blog becomes more of a conversation — which can stretch out for a few days, until the next post pops up.

    Ms. HMH — I was just over at your garden. (“Just” means last night after I came home from serving and cleaning up after the Monday night dinner for Jack and William’s choir rehearsal.) It’s lovely.

    Oh, dear Gentle Reader, The thing about the feed reader is that you DON’T have to keep checking. It checks for you. That way, I never really notice when people go a while without posting — it’s just lovely when they do. So, slow and sporadic = totally fine.

    Hello Mensah, and welcome. I’m so glad you’ve been coming over here. As for keeping things fresh and entertaining, it does help if your blog is part of a larger conversation among like-minded people. Although my blog is not primarily about books, and sometimes entire weeks go by when you’d think I’m illiterate from the lack of any mention of reading activity, the readers and writers who’re on my blog roll (and my feed reader, which has more things than my blog roll)feel like part of a community, one I like very much.

    Helen, The slow train! For a second, I thought you’d written “the soul train” and I had this flashback to that television show and the many cool teenagers in amazing pastel bell bottoms dancing around in ways I could only stare at and envy!

    Lilalia, This question of whether people will stop coming to visit is an interesting one — my feeling is that very few people actually disappear forever from the blogworld. People reinvent themselves, or they may take breaks, but most everyone I read is still around, and still comes by, every once in a while, or even more often, when there something to say. So, yes, a lower gear does not mean fewer connections and conversations. It should just mean more leisurely ones.

    Dear Charlotte — You know what’s great though? I read you all the time because I’m always about three comments behind you on the blogs we both read. And then there is facebook….. xo

  13. I’m into slow cooking. Slow Blogging sounds good, too. I used to feel this enormous pressure to blog a lot but now, I’m happy to have slowed down. I think a lot of people feel the same.

    And Happy HAPPY belated Birthday!

  14. Hi bloglily,

    I’ve always like the idea of a slower, more thoughtful pace of blogging, maybe once a week, but I’ve even slowed down a bit from that…

    Slow to some people like twice a week would be a frenetic pace for me!


  15. I embraced this trend before it was cool – the first trend I’ve ever embraced! I will be blogging again next week, but I doubt more than once or twice a week, per usual. I wish it was to make soup instead of work but sadly, it’s not…

  16. You see I’ve been paying attention. A post a week recently, if that. Has much to do with being buried in papers to grade… but no matter.
    I too have some concerns about losing visiters, but I’ve noted the number of hits has only a passing relationship to the mos recent posts. After a few years, there seems to be a kind ‘critical mass’ of conent that keeps drawing new visiters. It does make a difference on the number of links registered by Technorati. Without new ones, the number goes down… but so what?

    What better way to lose the readers you most appreciate than leaving posts when you know you have nothing much worth reading.

    Quality matters. Better to keep silent when you have nothing to say. If you leave posts of subsance, the readers you hope for will come back to look for them. If all you’re doing is keeping up the daily numbers–nobody will care.

  17. Jacob, Reading your comment, I realize that there are many reasons to blog frequently that aren’t happy reasons — one of them being a fear that if you don’t blog a lot, the people you like will not come and talk to you when you do get around to blogging. I think this is not actually true, as you point out. Also, even if it is, if YOU like someone, then you can go and visit them, and they will come and visit you right back, as though you are a well dressed Englishwoman with a lot of nice calling cards. I never, ever expected to enjoy this part of blogging so much — but I love visiting and leaving comments. I suppose it’s a form of socially sanctioned nosiness, but I am enthralled by what other people are thinking and doing. My only trouble? I keep silent when I have nothing to say, sure. But sometimes, I also DON’T keep silent when I have nothing to say! Still, it’s just a blog — and if sometimes I write something ridiculously silly, I don’t think anyone really minds. I hope not anyway.

    Dear Ms. Out-in-Front-of-the-Pack-Courtney, I embrace it with you. And I am sorry you are so busy at work, but know it will slow down for you at some point and then you can make soup until you can’t look at another liquid form of food to save your life. Or something like that.

    Mike — It’s a city blogger, country blogger kind of thing.. Twice a week? OMG, slow down, slow down!

    Hello dear owl — Thank you for the link. I have to say, I am pretty sure I have never thought of anything, like, FIRST. But I like to think I’m good at adopting all trends that make me happier!!

    U-Dad — Bumper stickers — yes. And how about some kind of badge you can paste into your blog that proclaims you a slothful blogger?

    Hey Mari, I am enjoying slowing down other things in my life too. But I have to tell you that I do love having a pressure cooker — sometimes I wish I could put stuff in there — like my submissions to literary journals — and get my answer sooner than a year.

    Dear Pete — I am thinking I might go back and figure out how often I really do post. It seems a little unsystematic to me, but I’m going to guess that, in fact, I probably write something between once to three times a week. Hardly ever more than that. And I hope you’re having a nice vacation, by the way.

  18. Once again you capture the zeitgeist! I think slow blogging is my natural speed. It’s true, if there are gaps between posts it allows me to catch up on everyone’s posts and leave comments etc. And also read more so I have more to talk about… 🙂

  19. Slow Blogger Movement! Oh yes, I agree. I’ve always been slow (a friend once compared me to a sloth), so I like anything that fits my natural pace! the fun thing with blogging is that it does allow me – you – us – to connect the world over; the bad thing is when we do let ourselves feel pressured to write/comment/more than we naturally would. I’m still finding a balance between blogging, commenting (which I love to do) and spending time with my family and reading. A work in progress, I think 😀

    fun post, Bloglily!

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