A Thing of Beauty

Thing of Beauty (n):  Boy A does a push-up while Boy B releases skateboard UNDER Boy A and jumps over him, and then lands on the skateboard, after which time all spectators and Boy A and  Boy B shout, "Man, was that a Thing of Beauty or what!"
Thing of Beauty (n): Twin A does a push-up while Twin B releases skateboard UNDER Twin A and jumps over him, and then lands on the skateboard, after which all spectators (except mother, who is frozen in place) and Twin A and B shout, "Man. THAT was a Thing of Beauty!"

We all know it’s a joy forever.  (And if you didn’t, you do now.)  But have you actually READ those lines recently?  You should.  They’re here, at the end of this post.

9 thoughts on “A Thing of Beauty

  1. A thing of beauty indeed. Not just the acrobatic feat and the great photo documenting it, but also your nimble juxtaposition of Keats and skateboards!

  2. Like the skateboard trick.
    Like the mother was frozen in place.
    Like the thing of beauty.
    Like the Keats’ poem.
    Like the reminder of Keats’ poem, of the mix of fear and joy that skateboarding teens bring to their mothers, of finding beauty everywhere.

  3. I’d be right there, frozen in place, with mother. If we lived near each other, we could link frozen arms while watching. And then we could talk about the beauty — after we’d unfrozen and realized no harm was done.

  4. Michael Smith over at Dissent Decree has been teaching me about photography and how photographers think about their art. I’d known nothing until now about Henri Cartier =Bresson, but this is a wonderful example of his “decisive moment”, not to mention a superb example of street photography.

    Thanks for a great post – especially the photo.

  5. Dude.

    I actually think that being frozen in place by beauty is a natural response to a thing of beauty. It’s not just parental (though seeing that trick performed on the instability of a brick surface would strike fear into my paternal heart). I saw Lake Como last week, and there were moments when I was frozen in place.

    I like to think this can be the work of the Divine who is present in the beauty of children and of lakes.

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