Young Men and Books

It was amazing really, the combined brainpower that went into choosing books for 14 year old boys — and very little of it was actually mine.  Okay, truth:  the only book I chose was Jim the Boy, and I’m quite uncertain about how that will go over.   I also chose the movies.  I loved Gran Tornio, although I think Clint Eastwood could have exercised a little discretion about posing himself as a crucified Christ in the last scene and I’m sorry if that spoils anything for you, but it had to be said.

We’re in San Diego tonight, and tomorrow we head across the border to Baja, where some of us will be windsurfing, and others will be writing, and all of  us will be reading.

More from Paradise in a few days.


12 thoughts on “Young Men and Books

  1. All the very best for long luxurious days to while away under the sun. What a delight it will be to have nothing pressing to do, except worry with the children should put some more sun lotion on. Do send us some sunshine up north.

  2. Looks like good reading to me. I love Norman Maclean, and Shadow Divers is a great book. Deep sea wreck diving and fighting forest fighting are both examples of the kids of behavior that could keep a parent awake and night worrying. Having these books in the house might make you feel very happy about any skateboarding that occurs among your progeny.


  3. Have a great trip, Lily! I, too, loved Gran Torino, and I agree that the final scene was a bit much…Curious what you think of Say You’re One of Them. I read it earlier this year – powerful stuff.

  4. Windsurfing? Strike me through the heart why don’t you?! 🙂 I’ll be wearing snowboots for the forseeable future! It looks like you have a great selection of books! I loved Old School and am sure they’ll all be a hit!

  5. Do I see “24” there? Is that a book or a DVD?
    Merry Day After Christmas Lily! I hope you all had a wonderful time. Hugs and kisses to all 🙂

  6. My nephew is 14. He loves to read but it is very, very hard to find a book for his age. He tends to read adult books which border on adult entertainment or violent horror. He’s been reading Stephen King since he was about 12, my sister has not tried to watch what he does. Same for video games. Worse for video games actually.

  7. Hi Lily, Happy New Year! Have your boys read any of these yet? So glad to see Young Men and Fire and the Children’s Blizzard made it from the FB thread onto the list! And Old School is one of my favorite books of all time. Hope all is well — I miss seeing you in SF now that I work in Oakland. Love, Julie

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