What’s Been Going on Around Here?

in the morning, this is archie's spot. also, check out the curtains. they do not have birds on them. they are simple, pretty, washable and cost a total of $50 at IKEA. Plus, no birds.

Children have grown, as they do.  I wrote a screenplay.  More on that later.

A few weeks ago, some guys came over and painted our living room, dining room and hallway.  It took them five hours.  I was stunned by their industry.  For thirteen years every wall in our house has been realtor white.  In other words, we have never painted the interior of our house.  It always seemed too complicated.  In fact, it is not complicated at all to other people.  Like the woman who came over and told me the name of the sort of color I like.  And the guys who painted.  For them, the walls of houses are made to be painted. For me, apparently, they were made to sigh over, cringe at, and complain about.  Maybe there is a metaphor here.

What I do  know is that the walls of our living room, dining room and hallway are now actual colors.  Pewter, and pewter’s even mellower cousin.  It’s calming.  Oh, and those curtains that were here for thirteen years?  The ones with the birds on them?  They’re gone too.


23 thoughts on “What’s Been Going on Around Here?

  1. Gail, that’s so nice to hear! I’ve had some revelations about the blog while gone. Shorter posts, lots of pictures, and it’s fine to talk about the color you’ve painted your walls. xo

  2. So good to have you back. But as long as your blog was on hiatus, I felt mine could be, too. I pictured them off somewhere together, palling around on the Riviera perhaps, resting up and thinking about their lives, perhaps getting into a little mischief. If yours came home, then mine must be on the way.

  3. No indeed — home projects are not so bad if you do them a tiny bit at a time. Thus, my first principle of home beautification: Do not, under any circumstances, paint more often than every 13 years.

    Sandi — no more than two paragraphs and a picture. Otherwise, you might throw out your… I don’t know, your hands? But no, I am not DONE. With the you-know-what. Wah. Someday. let’s just hope it’s not 13 more years.

  4. I think I’m going to get those same curtains for our dining room. I’m serious.

    Nice to have you back. 🙂

  5. Bora — They come in blue too, a very pretty blue.

    Debbie, absolutely not. that’s why I had the walls painted a very quiet color. around here, we do not need “pops” of color. we have enough explosions as it is.

    Eoin, Thank you very much! Any picture with a dog in it is, by definition, a nice picture.

  6. Dear Ben, No. And no, I never dreamed of either entering or leaving a convent and being a nanny to a million children. I hope you will not think less of me to hear that.

    Well, bookfraud, I believe that color is called something like Carlisle Cream, even though it is not cream at all. It’s a little weird, when you think about it, how inexact the names of paint colors are. As for the screenplay, I’m pacing myself here. After I tell you all about my new bike, and some other stuff like that, I’ll get to the screenplay.

    Oh, gumbomum, how wonderful to see you here! xo

  7. You’re back. You. Are. Back. Oh, yay! My blog reader must not be functioning properly because I didn’t see your new posts in my subscriptions…harumf! But it was Sandi who told me you’ve returned. And with new drapes! hugs, mari

  8. I’m so glad you’re back. I like the idea of pictures – an idea I’ve adopted recently.
    I think today will be a good day to post another one. House repainting awaits me as well, although I’m only in year 12 with this paint. I have always thought a great job would be to come up with paint colors. maybe even branch out to other color names, like lipstick, eyeshadow, new cars. Someone, somewhere must have a job like that.

  9. Congratulations on the screenplay and walls! I painted our walls on one floor last summer, but couldn’t quite get to a couple of small areas in the kitchen (because I’m short!) so there are still a couple of pink spots from the previous owners.

  10. Lilian, those pink spots? they’re called trim!

    Cam, Wouldn’t that be fun? God, after all, didn’t get around to naming nail polishes and cars, so there’s lots of room left for innovative thinkers. Wait! Was it Adam who did the naming or God?

    Hello Mari — While I was gone your whole website and blog became so beeeeeyouteeeeful! I mean, I loved it before, but I do really like this new version. Having a baby is apparently very good for the creative self. xo

  11. Oh dear, what a joy to see you new post in my google reader. And, then gumbomum as well… how wonderful to have you back and I do hope you will spend lots and lots of time telling us all about the screenplay you wrote so very briefly about. It’s hardly fair to throw out such a teaser.

  12. Lilalia — It was such an interesting project and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think. There are thing you can do with film that you can’t do in a novel (and vice versa) and it’s very good to see how that works. And yes, isn’t it nice to hear from gumbomum? xo

  13. Lily, so nice to see you (and your lovely pewter walls!)

    I have always been completely flummoxed by home improvement projects. Last summer we were forced to paint an entire house by ourselves (long story, but the fact that we did it was quite a revelation to me. Not that I’m at all anxious to repeat the experience…

    Your room looks so fresh and airy. I like that clean simplicity.

  14. 5 hours? We have a 3 room apartment. The walls needed to be repainted because the paint was peeling in patches. 1 week, I was told. That was two months ago. The work would have been finished much earlier except for the mold. The mold was growing under the plaster, which had to be chipped off all the walls, One wall is particularly beautiful, a mosaic of brown, black and yellow patches. It can’t be painted until the wall dries, which evidently takes a long, long time. Maybe if I forge Damien Hirst’s signature I can pass it off as abstract art.
    Your new decor sounds lovely, but I will have to get used to not seeing the birds.

  15. Dorty — That sounds just like Paris should be. And if you could sell just that piece of your apartment, you could hire joe and his team to come over and paint your apartment and most of the other apartments in Paris for a Very Good Price. Yes, I know, the bird curtains have been part of our lives for a long time. Change is good, but we must not forget to honor the past. Except I never chose those curtains, so I feel okay about dissing them. A little bit.

    Oh Marie! I’m so glad you mentioned that globe thing. It is, in fact, a light. I love it. I have two of them. I also love that it cost $20.00 at IKEA. (http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/70096377) It is a knock off of a fancy Italian lamp. http://www.lightology.com/index.cfm/method-light.store_profile/sku-0604TA-GLOBALL-018H1-WHSI

    Becca — I painted our bathroom about six years ago. it took me almost a month. I can’t imagine how you could paint an entire house that fast. Good for you!!

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