Let There Be Better Light

it's landed -- well, more like it's hovering

Who knew I’d spend so much time considering lights while on my little break?  Stuff like that matters, though.  The way I feel at home is all about my physical surroundings. That is why I’m certain the old light in the dining room was 50% of the reason for all the shouting at dinner.   Once we’ve put a proper bulb in the spaceship, I’ll let you know if it fills us with a mid-century sense that anything is possible in this world, even a peaceful dinner.

Can you see why there was so much uneasiness at the table?

would you like some mead with your unhappy meal?


5 thoughts on “Let There Be Better Light

  1. Lilian — I will! We have to get the right bulb first. Did you know that there’s a standard height at which chandelier-type lights are supposed to be hung? One that’s in relation to the table? I had no idea until I looked it up. The old, scary, baronial chandelier was about 10 inches too high.

    Edwin — Thank you. I agree with you about consideration time!

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