Let Me Count the Ways

#28 on the 50 Things List

1.  Nothing ever comes off the car

2.  You give people rides to school, even though you wish they’d bike

3.  Our yard would have died a long time ago without you

4.  I realize this doesn’t look like Archie, but you know he loves you for the nighttime walks.

5.  There you are at your desk, where you work hard and treat people well.

6.  Four more people ski because of your efforts.

7.  You rock in the lighting department.

8.  6,367,422 cups of tea, and counting

9.  Media Generosity:  Even though Glee doesn’t row your boat

10.  Three more people in the world windsurf because of you

11.  Few grill with the panache and confidence you do.

12.  We would follow you up any peak you asked us to.  But we would spend a lot of time complaining.

13.  Volcanoes may erupt all around you, but you never lose your head.

Father’s Day 2010


8 thoughts on “Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Sweet! Have you thought of adding greeting card creator to your already packed list of writing talents? And did you draw those illustrations? They’re wonderful!

    On our way in to the store last night, an elderly gentleman said to Wolf (who was carrying Mimi in her car seat), “Happy Father’s Day.” It took us both a few seconds to react. We’re still not used to hearing those kinds of things! cheers, m

  2. litlove, what a nice thing to say! It was widely viewed as a more or less accurate summing up of what we love about w.

    mari — I think Ed Emberley should be adding that to HIS resume, because I can’t draw to save my life. So, I just look up what I want to draw in Drawing Everything in the Universe (or whatever that book is called) and there you go.

    and happy father’s day to Wolf indeed! xo

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