Sweet Pea

from C & J's garden

A day spent working at a friend’s still, calm house.  The ideal working conditions:  No internet.  No phone.  The only procrastination task was making tea.  So, I made a lot of tea.  And stayed wide awake.

The garden was full of sweet peas and I cut some to bring inside.  There was even a diced tomato can in the recycling bin to put them in.  I stayed until 9 and rode my bike home across Berkeley in the dark.  I have two lights and they blinked and shone all the way home.   My own house was full of boys, computer on, television on.  While I was gone, a lamp met with an “accident.”   And they were all so  happy — because it is summer and, really, who cares if a lamp has an accident?


5 thoughts on “Sweet Pea

  1. I love sweet peas! It must have been quite a nice day (here it’s still winter and I got a cold, can you believe it?)
    Btw, is it on my computer only but I can see Ads by Google at the bottom of your post. Did you turn on or off some wordpress options?

    • Pauline – here’s to the arrival of good weather and the cessation of all colds soon! As for ads, how annoying! I’ll check. I was just thinking the other day about how little I like seeing that kind of thing on blogs I read. It rarely makes sense — they’re distracting.and certainly not enticing!

      So: I just checked. here is what wordpress says:

      We sometimes display discreet advertisements on your blog—this keeps free features free!

      The ad code tries very hard not to intrude on your design or show ads to logged-in readers, which means only a very small percentage of your page views will actually contain ads.

      To eliminate ads on your blog entirely this is the upgrade you want.

      That upgrade costs $30!

      Good grief.

  2. Lol! We have a lot of those ‘accidents’ although it is usually Mister Litlove who meets with them and then tries to hide the evidence. Gorgeous sweet peas and yes, the perfect working conditions.

  3. why litlove, how did you know about the evidence-hiding efforts? I asked what happened and all I got was a very vague, “oh, you know…. an accident.”

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