It’s a Toss-Up

Depending on what I plug in, I write like Margaret Atwood, David Foster Wallace, or Douglas Adams.  You might want to check it out.


16 thoughts on “It’s a Toss-Up

  1. Kurt Vonnegut here, at your service!

    I posted another blog entry and got a name I can’t remember because I’d never heard of him. I do think it would be interesting to post about 20 blogs and see if there is a pattern that emerges, or if I get 20 different responses. But I probably won’t do that, because I’d rather use the time to write.

  2. Hey Bloglily, I got Cory Doctorow as well as the ad for the Stephen King book on writing. I’ve actually read that book and quite enjoyed it! The man can tell a tale with vim and surreal imagination. Also the Darktower series is still one of my all-time favorites.

  3. I got James Fenimore Cooper, Vladimir Nabokov, and Stephanie Meyer. I was sort of hoping for Kurt Vonnegut, but I suspect my sentences may be too long. . .and not enough profanity possibly.

  4. I got David Foster Wallace and Douglas Adams for some of my blog posts too. Then I got JK Rowlings. Finally I plugged in a goodly chunk of my WIP and got Neil Gaiman, at which point I figured I’d better quit while I was ahead…

  5. Hi Lily, I pasted in the first two paragraphs of the piece I wrote for last week’s Sandi workshop and it tells me I write like David Foster Wallace who I have never heard of! Now of course I have to check it out. Hope all’s well by you, its digustingly hot and humid here.

  6. When I pasted in the first section of my last post, I got Dan Brown, which could not be more depressing… so I pasted in something else.

    The next segment said I was H. P. Lovecraft, not much better.

  7. Okay, I either write like Anne Rice, Chuck Palahniuk, or H.P. Lovecraft. How come no one ever diagnosed me as having multiple personalities? And should I just kill myself now?

  8. It said I write like Dan Brown! Shoot me, please!! So I did it again, and I got JK Rowling. Why can’t I get Stephen King? that would be good! My son got James Joyce, so he came to me to see if I had any books by Joyce! lol I think since only 40 authors or so have been plugged in to this who do you write like site, it needs more work (far more authors) before it can be considered anything accurate.

    I hate Dan Brown’s writing! His dialogue is awful! This was two weeks ago I did this so you can tell it now haunts me.

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