It’s Endless Until It’s Over

Summer.  I keep wanting to photograph it, but my camera disappeared into teen world, where it’s being used to document gravity-defying skateboard tricks.  Surely, the looks told me when I asked for it back, a mere peach cannot compete with anti-gravity.

Maybe not.  But they are everywhere, these peaches.  And even though I know that one day in a month or so from now they’ll be gone, they feel permanent.  That’s what the deep middle of summer feels like.


14 thoughts on “It’s Endless Until It’s Over

  1. I photographed some delicious plums recently. They looked like tomatoes in the photo, and you can’t tell by looking at them how wonderfully sweet and juicy they were

  2. Right about now, after one of the most brutal summers I can recall (although today was very nice. I musn’t complain about today, or the weather gods will think I don’t appreciate wee gifts), I am wishing summer meant nothing more than lovely, sweet peaches,

  3. How funny you should mention that Lily. I am planning on canning some lovely, sweet white peaches tomorrow morning! I can’t decided to just use only the 3 quart jars I have left over from canning apricots, or splurge and buy more jars and a lot more peaches. They are so delicious right now.

  4. A peach is a perfect emblem of summer – and that reminds me I haven’t had a really satisfying one yet. I should do something about that. We theoretically have two cameras in the household, but most of the time one or both is lost in the domestic Bermuda Triangle…. so I sympathise.

  5. My camera isn’t exactly gathering dust but somehow I can’t be bothered to take pictures of anything when I’m on a writing jag. Apart from iPhone snapshots of dudelet and little elf doing whatever things parents obsessively document, of course.

    Anyway, what I was going to say was, “Maybe not. But they are everywhere, these peaches. And even though I know that one day in a month or so from now they’ll be gone, they feel permanent. That’s what the deep middle of summer feels like…” means I don’t need a photograph of that particular fruit anymore. Those words are quite enough.

  6. I am heartbroken because this pregnancy has turned my taste buds all upside down and inside out and while previously I have adored peach season and all the many ways to eat peaches, I am suddenly finding them vile! They taste mealy and stringy (and these are from my farmer’s market, from farmers I know, and everyone else is oohing and aahing over them) and just awful. Have to add them to the list, which includes steak and green tea, of things that can’t be tolerated…

  7. Ah, peaches! They are just arriving here from the Bootheel and not only did I freeze some for future reference but we are enjoying the unfrozen ones daily. There is nothing quite like the scent of a ripe peach, well. . . unless it is the smell of a fully ripe melon sitting on the counter. It’s a toss up here between the peaches and melons, we have both in large quantities.

    And it has been a brutal August here in the Heartlands, days and days of 100 degrees and 80% humidity, no rain and the gardens are suffering. Except last night the weather gods and goddesses relented, and it rained 3/4 of an inch during the night and cooled it off so that at 9 a.m. it is only 75 degrees. Heaven.

  8. MMM, peaches have just arrived in baskets here. I love them! As to your teens ‘borrowing’ the camera – I’m already fighting off our 7 year old, who loves taking pictures.

  9. Whoa, Am I glad that the blog is still around ! I’ve been visiting the domain since a couple weeks back and was redirected to, so I wondered what had happened.

    I hope the camera returned from skateboardland and that you got a picture or two of the peaches after all. Here, fall is receding rapidly and we staring at a harsh New England winter again.

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