Stuff on a Stick

Stick in a Vase .99 (excluding cost of jewelry)

I spent an hour this morning looking for something that would restore order to the heap of earrings and necklaces I usually keep in, well, a heap.  It was a Sunday morning kind of inquiry, the kind that’s not really all that important, but you’re drinking tea and the computer’s right there, so why not?  I found something really quite beautiful to hang my jewelry on — a manzanita branch nestled in a wooden base. It was 98 bucks.  No kidding.  Almost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Yes, beautiful.  No, not that beautiful.  I mean, even if I happened to have a spare 98 dollars, I wouldn’t use it to buy a manzanita branch nestled in a wooden base.  Anyway, I went outside to clear my head and calm down and noticed that a twig had snapped off our azalea bush.  (I think it’s an azalea, anyway.)  How did it get snapped off?  I wondered about that for a minute, but I’m pretty sure it was the same kid who was, earlier today, looking at a youtube video called “Rugby Fight” that had, no lie, almost three million views.   Kid + Rugby Ball + Inspiring Youtube Video.  Enough said.

Yes, I know.  You know exactly what I did.  I took the 99 cent vase I got at IKEA, put all my ceramic pie weights in it (cost zero because next time I make a pie I can dump them out of the vase and use them) and stuck the stick inside the vase.  HAHAHAHA.  And then I hung my jewelry on it.

Stuff on a Stick

And to make this a book/reading post that is at least marginally related to the topic of where to put one’s jewelry, I’d like to say that Stacy Schiff’s biography of Cleopatra was really wonderful, told as it is from a more feminist perspective and giving Cleopatra her due as a very smart woman, an amazing tactician, and a pretty charming diplomat.  If Cleopatra kept some of her earrings on a stick, it would definitely  be a gold one and it would be be loaded down with a lot more impressive swag than my own.  Still, she ruled Egypt.  Me, not so much.


18 thoughts on “Stuff on a Stick

  1. I love it! Makes so much more sense than the old jewerly box I use that doesn’t really work to keep everything out of a heap. After the recent storms here, I’m sure I can find something suitable, probably alot smaller than the limb that is currently resting on my front porch, the one I’ve been ignoring since I noticed it this morning.

    • Somewhere on the website apartment therapy I saw a picture of a big stick hatstand. (I bet if you google apartment therapy and twig you will find it. If you were a timewaster like me, I mean.)

  2. Lily that is just brilliant! 🙂 And it sure looks nice too! (I love the apartment therapy website, and I love the Ikea hack website too, lots of inspiration for cheap (but not cheap looking!) solutions.

    • I’ll be interested to hear what you think, Lilian. I read it on my kindle, which turns out to be a good way to read thick books that take you a while. The pages don’t crinkle on the kindle.

    • Lilian, that’s so nice. (I also love it that there are three of us here — although my first name is spelled “Lillian.”) I do have to disclose, however, that the stick is bending way over under the weight of all that stuff. It still looks nice, just different.

  3. I’ve always wondered who buys those sticks for 100 bucks. Guess I’ll continue to wonder. I like your jewelry!

    My book club recently read Cleopatra. I skipped it because I knew I was going to miss the gathering. I probably should go back and read it though.

  4. So ingenious! I’m quite impressed really.

    As for Cleopatra, it’s waiting for me on my e-reader, which I don’t usually read unless I’m traveling. Although I don’t expect any trips down the Nile in the near future, I will look into that book soon!

  5. I just felt compelled to share that I did something very similar with a bent-up white wire hanger. It’s like, yours is the rustic, natural version and mine is the modern, sleek version. Or like you have issues with switches and I have issues with hangers, or maybe vice versa. It, too, sometimes alters in unexpected ways due to weight issues. But love is not love if it alteration finds, and I still love it.

    • KJ — I’d have answered sooner but I was over at your blog looking at pictures of your kids and your pasta machine and reading about spring cleaning at your house. I’m so impressed that you use that pasta machine, btw. I have one — it’s the only appliance I own that I’ve never used — and I have high hopes for it, but I’ve had those hopes for an epic amount of time.

      As for the switches and hangers, I figure they’re all about bending: to pick stuff up off the floor, and to get around obstacles. Which reminds me, I really need to start doing some kind of yoga.

      I’m so glad you found your way over here. I’m psyched about reading more of your blog.

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