Gone for a While (June 14 to be exact)

I promise not to fall in or otherwise embarrass myself

After my recent, exhausting spate of blog posting, I’m confining my online presence until mid-June to checking our bank account to make sure I haven’t spent all our money and to that page up there that’s got a great picture of what happens when I spend too much time online.I’m also going to keep reading blogs, because I like knowing what people are up to. But no facebook, and no twitter. I know that’s sort of like saying I’m going on a diet, but I’m going to keep eating chocolate, just no potato chips and no ice cream. Moderation in all things, though, right? In the past, when I’ve had to turn off the computer to get things done, I just haven’t said anything. I doubt anyone thought I’d died in a car accident, but still…

See you on this blog on June 14th.  Flag Day!!

That will give you enough time to read the whole post on dialogue in 1984.  Which you should read, because, as I point out, most of it is written by Aldous Huxley, George Orwell (what an idiot I am sometimes) rather than me.


9 thoughts on “Gone for a While (June 14 to be exact)

  1. Well,I will also miss you but it will give me time to get my thoughts together sufficiently on your excellent post on dialogue to leave a comment. I’m still thinking about it! Time away from the computer is always good, but unlike you talented fiction folk, I don’t have anything to write unless I blog, so I blog to keep my hand in. But summer tends to be quite quiet in the book blogging world, so you won’t miss much.

  2. Kate & Litlove — Oh, I’m not disappearing. I’m just not going to write blog posts for a while. What I’ve discovered is that I can actually keep up with the six thousand blogs on my google feed reader as long as I don’t feel like I also have to write posts and revise the book. Which is great!

    1. Hi bloglily,

      Wow, Facebook *and* Twitter! Now that’s constant communication… And I can barely manage to occasionally write on my blog.

      Hope all goes well with your endeavours… sounds like you’re occasionally having some frustrations with doing what you love to do.

      I really think to have more time we must lead less-structured lives…


      1. I know, Mike, it’s embarrassing, that’s what it is. Who needs to do all that communicating anyway? (Really — that’s a serious question. Less is more.) As for the frustrations, sometimes I forget how things are actually not so bad and get better when I get to work.

        Ah, the less-structured life. That would be lovely. I’m waiting for the “How to Take A Year off And Love Your Life” book to arrive. (Honest — I just ordered it on Amazon.) I think I need to unstructure things around here.

  3. Hi Lily,

    I just read this apropos column from the NY Times about Twitter, Facebook and our minds in the Cloud (clouds) which seems germane both to this and to my own recent post about underrated rock and what some of it was trying to say: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/22/magazine/the-twitter-trap.html?_r=1 (Although you may well have read this too….)

    He talks about the “aggressive distractions of social media.” Anyway, pleasure to comment here through one vehicle of our shared social media.

    But blogs are about the most “aggressive” I can handle, I’ve decided.


    1. Mike — Great piece! Thanks for the link. It makes sense to me. I haven’t missed social media at all. It’s fun to be in touch, but really if people really want to be in touch there are other, slower ways. Like e-mail. (really, e-mail has become sort of letter-like in comparison to twitter and text.)

  4. I’m not on facebook. I still can’t believe that. Nor can ANYONE ELSE I KNOW. Alas, I don’t have that to distract me, which is why I never started. That, and I really don’t want anyone from high school finding me. When people talk about getting on facebook, it’s all, “I haven’t talked to such-and-such in 20 years! Now we’re in touch again!” Yes, there is a reason I haven’t talked to such-and-such in 20 years. I’d like to keep it that way.

    But enough about me! And facebook! I hope you’re getting what you wanted from your break from blogging, tweeting, and facebooking! And thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    1. Sonje — I think you’re safe avoiding both. And yes, the break is good. I’ve been able to find new blogs I like, and I even have time to comment, which I also like. I have you in my feed reader now, and I’m looking forward to hearing how that series goes.

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