It is a sign of my robust mental health that I have taken in stride the fact that , for the last four or five days, the comments I leave on wordpress blogs never actually show up on those blogs.

If you have a wordpress blog, and you want to know what I said, it’s probably in your spam filter.  Fortunately, getting something out of your spam filter is not the same as taking something out of the trash.  For that, you need an extra, extra long pair of tongs and a facemask.  (Depending on whose trash we’re talking about anyway.)

Getting something out of your spam filter just involves some clicking.  Unless you hate me and really did erase my comment.  But I can’t believe you’d do that.

And that is it for today.


7 thoughts on “Erased

  1. Paranoid thought: perhaps Christine is not getting my psychic messages about how cute the weiner dogs are, how wonderful VONA sounded (while I was up at Tahoe sinking ever deeper into revision depression), and how on earth did saran wrap end up on her terrace??!!

    Also, it is just a guess, about the spam filters. It’s possible something else is happening. But no one at wordpress cares about this problem because they never did e-mail me back to tell me how it could be fixed. Because THEY DON’T LIKE ME!!!

  2. This is what I mean when I argue with my friend Cathy D. who still claims that “it’s not the technology, stupid.” It is too, the technology!

    I would never erase your comment. I have thrown out all of my virtual erasers.

  3. I tried to post on someone else’s blog yesterday and the Internet went all “KERFIZZLE”. Probably for the best as I was exhausted to incoherence. Sometimes Blogger and WordPress don’t play well at all.

  4. I had some trouble commenting on some WordPress blogs the other day. My comments didn’t even get accepted, the page just went poof! when I clicked Post Comment. One of them might have been yours unless it is some new, sly way to block certain people from commenting 😉 So maybe WordPress had a glitch or the or internet burped or something.

  5. It turns out I was not being erased — I somehow had become spam. Funny how you don’t feel like spam, don’t look like spam, don’t even EAT spam (not anymore, anyway), but you can still be treated like spam. The people at wordpress fixed it. I am back to being me, the non-spam me.

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